The Future: Next Exit

The Future: Next Exit

SC The Future: Next Exit

SC Actual Smart City was launched exactly two years ago: an exciting adventure surrounded by many doubts. Today we may state, with due pride, that our project was not only relevant, but even ahead of its time, to judge by the figures achieved by our publication: the flagship project of what is to become a benchmark communication and business group in the future.

Indeed: 15,000 copies, nearly 400,000 internet visitors/month and more than 300,000 articles downloaded either in Spanish or in English speak up for a spotless track record of more than 700 days at the top of a sector that is to become essential in employment generation, creation of business models and support for new entrepreneurs.

Needless to say, I would like to acknowledge the contributions from those that walked along the pathway towards our future with us, starting with the wonderful journalists Miguel Ángel Santos, Jorge González-Páramo, Manu Arenas and Marco Bozzer; I also thank all contributors, from Colombia to Silicon Valley and from India to Brussels, who generated opinion and boosted our magazine towards global leadership.

In order to encompass, develop and foster the third industrial revolution that is currently taking place, with Smart City as a standard-bearer, we just launched the Smart City Business Institute (, a unique platform for the generation of business opportunities for professionals, city councils, start-ups and enterprises.

As for companies in the sector, we stand up for all those that managed to thrive with dedication, honesty and great efforts: no cheating there. We deplore and publicly reject such ways as those shown by the owner of Gowex, but we stand up for their workers and for those whole, like them, are designing the welfare we are to enjoy in the next years.

The main reproof goes against the unfortunate roles played by the actors of these tragedy: those who created it and the audit companies that with patronizing manners and lack of rigour covered it up, thus becoming a part of it. Fortunately, these are just a negligible minority among a huge amount of talent and good practices, which will always have our support.

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The Future: Next Exit

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