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We are the world

SC We are the world

Humbly, but ambitiously, SC Actual Smart City has always tried its best to balance its map of collaborations, so that points of view from all over the five continents are included on how to make a Smart City an added value commitment for the global future.

The Malaysian expert Saibal Das Chowdhury told me some time ago that a Smart City in India is not the same as a Smart City in Central Europe. We fully agree with him on that subject. Population, climate, resources and infrastructure would be completely different in each case, and this is why we try to approach the different models to link diversity and progress.

Saibal himself introduces Putrajaya to us in this edition, the jewel in the crown of south-east Asia, near Kuala Lumpur. He and his company had great influence in the development of the city. From this tropical climate project we move along to the great technological advances in the sector being achieved in Russia, which will be described for us by Dmitry Alenushkin and Renat Mustafaev. We will also have access to the projection and willingness to move in that direction shown by Santiago de Chile -in a new wonderful article in the series being offered by the Colombian Professor Marco Peres- as well as the article by the Lebanese Anwar Zibaoui, the heart and soul of Chambers of Commerce in the Mediterranean countries.

All the aforementioned belongs to a market that, according to Frost & Sullivan -a benchmark consulting firm in the area- will be worth a cumulative $1.565 Trillion by 2020, and it will offer business opportunities for companies, cities and professionals, as well as lead a primary role in the support of economic recovery.

Probably due to the multi-national approach of our magazine, SC Actual Smart City has been listed among the most prominent 300 influencers worldwide in the areas of sustainability, smart strategies, smart solutions, urban environment and clean technologies, among others. The list was published by Klout, one of the best-known, most powerful tools to measure influence in social networks.

We are currently located in position 293, and our former position was 353; that implies a 2.8% increase (sixty positions), the largest increase achieved by societies, groups or people all over the world.

It seems that, two years after our first issue was launched, we are on the right track.

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We are the world

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