Revolutionizing Smart Infrastructure: Itron Selects Cumulocity IoT to Expand Smart Utility and City Solutions to More Customers   

Revolutionizing Smart Infrastructure: Itron Selects Cumulocity IoT to Expand Smart Utility and City Solutions to More Customers   

Companies to expand access to Lightweight M2M as a standard protocol for enhanced performance in low-power, low-bandwidth, and cellular-connected scenarios

Software AG today announced that Itron has selected Cumulocity IoT to expand its advanced utility and city management capabilities to more customers, particularly in low-power, low-bandwidth, or cellular-connected scenarios. The collaboration will achieve this by broadening the adoption of Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) – an open protocol designed for IoT – to facilitate a structured, vendor-neutral framework for device data integration and lifecycle management.

“By combining Itron’s expertise in intelligently connected networks, software, services, meters and sensors with Software AG’s proven Cumulocity IoT platform, we can better deliver dependable city and utility services even in areas with intermittent connectivity and limited access to power sources,” said Ty Roberts, Itron’s vice president of marketing and networked solutions.

LwM2M, an open standard protocol developed by the Open Mobile Alliance, offers a tailored, cost-effective approach to managing IoT devices in the utility industry, particularly for low-powered devices or devices connected via low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies, like smart streetlights, or smart gas and water meters. Smart cities and utilities can leverage the protocol by embracing industry standards to optimize their operations, improve efficiencies, and drive innovation. Its lightweight footprint enables a scalable and standardized approach to device management, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transmission of telemetry data to the cloud.

“Itron’s experience and market reach make it an exemplary company to collaborate with to advance LwM2M adoption,” said Ricky Singh, Software AG’s vice president of IoT, Americas. “By leveraging LwM2M through Cumulocity, one of the few full-featured commercial IoT platforms that support the protocol, Itron can connect and manage more devices and enable more use cases for its customers in a modern, scalable, and cost-effective way.”

The integration of LwM2M with the Cumulocity IoT Platform marks an important step in the evolution of IoT solution development and device management. This technology supports plug-and-play integration, over-the-air firmware updates for remote management, and an intuitive interface, making it suitable for a wide range of industries including telecommunications, automotive, security, utilities, and manufacturing. Cumulocity stands as the only full-featured, cloud-agnostic, hybrid commercial IoT platform in the industry leader quadrant, offering mature support for LwM2M.

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