INOKIM Looks to Europe for e-Scooter Growth

INOKIM Looks to Europe for e-Scooter Growth

The company is in the process of developing a mobile app that will socially connect all INOKIM riders all over the world

Cities that are planned for bicycles and e-scooters tend to have cleaner and more breathable air and suffer from less traffic congestion. By offering paved and dedicated lanes and parking spots for bicycles and e-scooters as well as charging stations throughout a city, urban planners can boost ridership and contribute to improving the quality of life in cities throughout Europe.

This is according to Kfir Ben-Shooshan, founder and CEO of INOKIM, an international designer and manufacturer of premium e-scooters.

INOKIM recently announced that the company is planning to open logistic centers and flagship stores in a number of cities across Europe. Barcelona is one of the cities that INOKIM is targeting along with London, Paris and Berlin.

“Barcelona is a densely populated city with a relatively small geographic area, which makes it great for e-scooter riding,” explained Ben-Shooshan. “The clean, paved streets make getting around the city with an e-scooter easier and having e-scooters usage in the city’s future plans will increase Barcelona’s credibility as a green city.”

Designed for Urban Environments

INOKIM positions itself as offering a “last-mile micro-mobility solution for urban environments”.

According to the company’s CEO, INOKIM is the only e-scooter company that owns its entire value-chain with R&D in Tel Aviv, manufacturing in the company’s recently expanded facilities in Shanghai and international distribution and sales channels around the world.

“Having control over R&D, manufacturing and distribution allow us to adhere to the highest build-quality and be the first to market with the newest technologies,” said Ben-Shooshan.

“Our e-scooters have real tires with real disc-brakes and are paired with a powerful electric motor are capable of easily climbing any urban hill,” he added. 

The company is in the process of developing a mobile app that will socially connect all INOKIM riders all over the world.

INOKIM also prides itself on the post-sale service it offers its customers, which includes free check-ups and bolt tightening.

Ben-Shooshan boasts that all customers can ride into any INOKIM store and “they will receive the same courtesy service as long as they own an INOKIM e-scooter”.

European Expansion

INOKIM e-scooters have been available in Barcelona for the past four years through the company’s local franchise partner. There is currently a flagship store in the Eixample district and two additional stores are planned to be opened next year.

INOKIM also has a store in Madrid and two stores in London, also through the company’s local franchise partners.

“London is currently one of the strongest markets for e-scooters and is experiencing tremendous growth of ridership,” said Ben-Shooshan

INOKIM is currently planning for an IPO in the coming months after which the company intends to expand its European operations, including opening new logistics and customers support centers to offer wider service throughout the region.

“We plan to be in every major European city within three to four years, in addition to expanding in the cities we currently operate in,” concluded Ben-Shooshan.


INOKIM Looks to Europe for e-Scooter Growth

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