Shelly AIR – a Smart Anti-virus and bacteria Air Purifier, is to be launched Globally in a month


The new smart device is developed by the IoT company Allterco Robotics, producer of the Shelly home automation product line

Shelly AIR, an innovative smart air purifier, which can help combat different viruses, including COVID-19, is to be launched soon. Thanks to its powerful UV-C LEDs, Shelly AIR can eliminate 95% of the viruses and bacteria in the air and improve air quality. The device is developed by the Bulgarian IoT company Allterco Robotics, producer of the Shelly home automation product line, including Shelly 1 Wi-Fi relay, which is а bestseller in Amazon Germany.

Shelly AIR is a powerful, safe, rapid, and chemical-free air purification solution that damages the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease. The production of the new device has already begun, and global sales are planned to start within a month.

Shelly AIR – Smart, Powerful and Safe

Shelly AIR is a smart air purifier providing the best possible air quality for the premise it is used in. The device is very powerful, made of 98% aluminum and meant for professional use – it can be installed in public transport, food warehouses, offices, hospitals, as the product allows easy modification according to the requirements of different premises. Shelly AIR can be controlled directly from any mobile device and uses two air purifying technologies: filter for particles sized 0.3 μm and UV-C LED light that kills viruses and bacteria.

All studies to date have shown that UV-C LEDs effectively eliminate almost all viruses and bacteria, as well as COVID-19. The use of such devices has so far been considered dangerous for two reasons: UV-C LEDs can cause skin cancer, and also, the devices that emit them generate ozone, which in small quantities helps with disinfect but is poisonous in larger quantities.

Shelly AIR, however, is 100% safe for indoor use. The device uses LED technology, the UV-C LEDs are created in a specially designed aluminium reactor that prevents them from reaching people’s skin or eyes, and at the same time, no ozone is created. The device can be safely used in any indoor space without limitations.

The Wi-Fi technology of Shelly AIR makes it possible for it to be controlled directly from consumers’ smartphones (through the Shelly Cloud app), where customers can get data for the temperature of the place where the device is installed. Users can also create custom schedules for Shelly AIR and set it to turn on or turn off automatically.

Shelly AIR is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as with the popular voice control assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

More Innovations to Come

In addition, in a week‘s time, the company Allterco Robotics is planning to present its own solution for safe disinfection of various objects and products. It will be possible to install it in a room or a warehouse, and the items placed inside will be disinfected within minutes. Technology like this has long been used in various hospitals, while in China, such a solution is being used in public transport. However, in compliance with safety measures, every household will be able to use the device that Allterco Robotics will offer.

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