Uplifting murals on Warsaw's streets


"Warsaw, it's going to be fine" and "It's going to be beautiful again!" – these uplifting slogans bringing hope for a better future have been written on the walls next to the Centrum underground station. This is one of the four murals prepared as part of a non-profit initiative to lift the spirits of Warsaw's residence during the epidemic

Near the ONZ roundabout and on the Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store at 25 Bracka St. Varsovians will be able to see the slogan "It's going to be fine :)". In turn, on the "Patelnia" Square next to the Centrum underground station there will be slogans "It's going to be beautiful again!" and "Warsaw, it's going to be fine". Passers-by and drivers moving around 3 Waryńskiego St. near the Politechnika underground station can look for the optimistic message "Cheer up!".

The originator, the Good Looking Studio company emphasises that the media is now overflowing with negative news. Citizens are exposed mainly to morbid statistics and visions of crisis following the coronarivus epidemic. Through its initiative the company wants to bring to Varsovians a positive message and hope for a better tomorrow, and remind them that the best is yet to come.

The easily readable, large slogans painted in the city centre have no political or religious connotations. Moreover, the slogans contain smile emoticons made of a colon and closing parenthesis as a symbol of virtual communication, to which most residents had to switch to in just one day. The initiators invite everyone to photograph and share the pictures of the murals in social media.

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