Smart and Sustainable Cities: SoSmart, International Connections in Seoul on April 16th

Smart and Sustainable Cities: SoSmart, International Connections in Seoul on April 16th

The event is organized by the Spanish company SoSmart, led by Lucía Roa and Lidia Alvarez

In an increasingly interconnected world, the search for sustainable and innovative solutions for the future of our cities has become a globally shared mission. In this context, on 16 April, Seoul will be the epicenter of international collaboration with the arrival of the first edition of the "Smart and Sustainable Cities" event by SoSmart.

SoSmart is a Spanish company founded by Lucía Roa Alonso and Lidia Álvarez del Campo. Dedicated to creating connections between cities around the world with the vision of growing towards a more sustainable and innovative future. In this way, they manage to improve the quality of life of citizens, promote the business development of cities and facilitate governmental work.

They decided to organize this event in South Korea because of the country's worldwide recognition for smart cities. The city of Seoul, in particular, has evolved significantly in this area in recent years, thanks in large part to its last three mayors: Oh Se.hoon, Seo Jung-hyup y Park Won Son. The city of Seoul, in particular, has made such rapid progress in such a short period of time.

During the event, leading experts and professionals from different countries around the world will share their knowledge and experience. Crucial topics such as urban planning, sustainable tourism, smart mobility and citizen care will be at the center of the discussions.

One of the highlights of the event will be a hackathon, where different companies will have the opportunity to pose real challenges they face in their day-to-day work, while attendees will bring innovative solutions to them to the table. Networking will also take center stage, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the creation of strategic alliances.

At a time when smart cities are presented as the key to sustainable development, events such as "Smart and Sustainable Cities", organized by SoSmart, take on important relevance. The SoSmart formula, which combines technology, sustainability and innovation with the active collaboration of citizens, governments and businesses, represents a holistic approach to tackling today's challenges.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to join forces and work together to build the desirable future we all yearn for.

Join them on this journey towards sustainable urban transformation. Follow them on their digital platforms and be part of the change our world needs.

Webpage: | LinkedIn: sosmart.linkedin

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