Huawei and Indra collaborate to foster their international growth strategies

Indra Huawei

The two companies widen agreement to work across multiple sectors worldwide.

Huawei and Indra have signed a Global Frame Agreement at CeBIT 2017 to develop joint ICT solutions for multiple sectors. As part of the partnership, Huawei and Indra will set up joint working groups to collaborate in bringing new competitive solutions to market and securing future business together worldwide. Indra is the second largest investor in R&D in its sector in Europe which supports the development of new solutions across multiple markets. Indra and Huawei will also be able to take advantage of this partnership in their international growth strategies. 

Indra is one of the companies in its sector in Europe that invests more in R&D, investing effort between 5% and 8% on annual sales in the last ten years, by promoting the development of new solutions in multiple markets. For its part, Huawei has dedicated to research and development -an area to which 80,000 of its more than 180,000 employees worldwide are dedicated- more than 24,888 million dollars over the last decade. Only in the past 2016, the company did invest about 14% of its sales revenue in R&D. 

This partnership will allow clients of both companies to offer more competitive solutions and services, aligned to their needs and new business models. In addition, the innovative capacity of Huawei and Indra and the overall nature of the relationship will provide a more agile and close service. 

“Technologies are reshaping the fundamentals of business and industry. Organizations need to embrace innovative solutions in order to provide the services that customers want and also remain competitive,” said Manuel Ausaverri, vice president Strategy, Innovation and Alliances at Indra. “Working with Huawei means we will be able to more effectively develop the right ICT solutions to meet modern business challenges”. 

“At Huawei we are dedicated to ground-breaking innovation and fostering an open, collaborative ecosystem with our partners,” commented Ma Yue, global vicepresident of Huawei Enterprise. “This partnership with Indra means that we are able to provide high quality ICT products bring more innovative solutions to the market in the years to come.” 


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