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Driving Sustainability in Urban Development through Real-Time Information

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Empowering Sustainable Cities

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Why participate?

1. Webinar Invitation 

Receive an exclusive invite to a Smart City Journal webinar to advocate for your use case, encouraging your community to vote and enhance your chances of winning.

2. Media Exposure

Gain increased visibility through a dedicated article, made-to-measure video on Smart City Journal & Thinkz Network, and social media posts, showcasing your initiative to a global smart city community.

3. Winning an Innovative Solution

The victorious project will be awarded Thinkz's real-time solution for 3 city services for 6 months.

4. Experience Webinar

In 6 months, become the exclusive guest at a Smart City webinar to discuss your experiences and outcomes, broadcasted on Smart City Journal, inspiring other cities to emulate your success.

Elevate the service of your city with Real-Time Information

How to Participate and Contest Rules

1. Submit Your Project

Kickstart your journey by filling out the Smart City Journal form detailing your project’s sustainability impact.

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2. Get an Expert Consultation

A Thinkz IoT expert will arrange a meeting with your team to dive deeper into your project, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for the jury’s evaluation.

3. Be short-listed in the Monthly Selection

Monthly, one city will be shortlisted by our jury, leading to two finalists. Announcements will be shared via social media and email.

4. Expose your use case in Smart City journal Webinar

Finalists will be interviewed to present their projects in a special webinar, showcasing their innovative solutions.

5. Amplify Your Story

Finalists will be interviewed to present their projects in a special webinar, showcasing their innovative solutions.

6. Grand Winner Reveal

The ultimate winner is celebrated across Smart City Journal and Thinkz platforms.

7. Impact Showcase

6 months after implementing the real-time solution of thinkz, the winner demonstrates the real-time solution’s benefits in a Smart City Journal webinar.

Check our guidelines for all entry details

Ready to Innovate? Transform your city’s approach to sustainability by participating in this unique opportunity. 


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Inside Thinkz: Pioneering Real-Time Solutions

A Deep Dive with Thinkz Experts

Interview with Gady Vekslar CEO of Thinkz

Gady Vekslar, CEO ThinkzCould you explain how Thinkz's technology processes IoT data into actionable real-time insights?

Gady Vekslar: Thinkz leverages a groundbreaking approach by employing a universal protocol capable of assimilating data from various IoT devices, regardless of their native protocols. This multi-protocol collector is the first step in creating a comprehensive data ecosystem. Our Live Data Verification (LDV) technology, powered by AI, then meticulously verifies this data in real-time to ensure its accuracy and reliability. This dual process guarantees that our real-time insights are both trustworthy and actionable, enabling smarter urban management and decision-making.

How do Thinkz's real-time solutions contribute to sustainability in urban environments?

Gady Vekslar: Our real-time services are fundamentally designed to enhance sustainability across cities. By offering precise, real-time data on aspects like traffic congestion, parking availability, and public transportation schedules, we could enable cities to cut driving-related CO2 emissions by up to 8%. This not only promotes eco-friendly transportation alternatives but also significantly contributes to the reduction of the urban carbon footprint, aligning with our vision of supporting cities in their transition towards more sustainable and green living spaces.

How can people access and visualize these real-time insights?

Gady Vekslar: Accessibility is key. We use Mapz, our interactive platform, and APIs to democratize access to real-time urban data. While Mapz offers an intuitive, multi-layered real-time map accessible online or via a simple QR code scan around the city, our APIs allow municipalities to embed these insights directly into their own websites and apps. This flexible approach ensures that whether you're a resident, a visitor, or a city official, you have easy access to the information you need to navigate urban life more effectively.

Could you share examples of cities that have successfully integrated Thinkz's solutions and the impacts seen?

Gady Vekslar: Certainly. In Nicosia, our solutions have been pivotal in improving waste management and offering cleaner air routes. Helsinki has seen enhancements in urban mobility and environmental stewardship. Another example is Bermeo, where real-time parking insights help citizens in their parking search, significantly reducing congestion and emissions. These examples demonstrate the positive impact of our platform on urban efficiency and sustainability.

What do you see as the future of sustainability in cities?

Gady Vekslar: The future of urban sustainability lies in leveraging technology to create more connected, responsive, and green urban environments. By integrating real-time data into the fabric of city planning and daily life, municipalities can foster significant advancements in sustainability efforts. This includes not only improving air quality and reducing emissions but also enhancing the quality of life for their citizens through smarter, more efficient services and solutions. Our goal at Thinkz is to be at the forefront of this transformation, helping cities around the world become smarter and more sustainable.

Discover Thinkz's Real-Time Insights & Use Cases

Thinkz is specialised in transforming cities into dynamic, efficient, and sustainable communities through their suite of Real-Time Solutions. By harnessing the power of IoT technology and AI, Thinkz provides actionable insights that cities, businesses, and citizens can use to make informed decisions in real-time. Their solutions are designed to enhance every aspect of urban life, from mobility and environmental sustainability to urban facilities and cultural engagement.

Real-Time Environmental Insights


Empower your city to become a beacon of sustainability. Monitor air quality, detect noise levels, and manage recycling efforts efficiently to foster a healthier, greener urban environment.

Real-Time Urban Facilities Solution

Urban Facilities

Navigate your city with ease. Get instant information on parking availability, EV charging stations, and essential public services, making urban living smoother and more accessible for everyone.


Revolutionize how your community moves. Access real-time updates on public transportation, shared mobility options, and traffic conditions to optimize travel plans and reduce carbon emissions.


Cultural & Touristic

Enrich the cultural tapestry of your city. Offer live data on crowd levels, wait times, and special promotions at cultural hotspots and outdoor activities, enhancing the experience for residents and tourists.

Real-Time Affluence Solution


Optimize city flows and spaces. Understand real-time pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic, alongside public space crowding, to improve safety and efficiency in urban environments.

Real-time Commerce & Hospitality Solution

Commerce & Hospitality

Boost local commerce with a real-time edge. Provide up-to-the-minute details on store operations and hospitality availabilities, encouraging informed shopping and dining decisions.

Moshe 2 round trans

"Our solutions do more than just give you real-time information; they help create a greener, better-connected city. Every part of city life benefits from clear, instant data, helping us all make choices that lead to a more sustainable world." - Moshe Gazit, Director of Business Development at Thinkz.

Dive deeper into Thinkz's Real-Time Solutions & use cases and discover the potential to revolutionize your urban space.

The Power to Transform:

Why Your City Should Participate

Propel Sustainable Development

Embark on a journey toward a more sustainable future by leveraging projects that dramatically reduce carbon emissions, enhance green mobility, support efficient waste management, and activate citizen participation in eco-friendly practices. Our contest encourages cities to innovate, resulting in greener, more livable urban environments.

Elevate Visibility and Recognition

Illuminate your city’s dedication to sustainability and technological innovation on an international platform. Winning or participating in this contest positions your city as a frontrunner in environmental stewardship and smart city evolution, attracting global attention and potentially inspiring others to follow suit.

Amplify Engagement and Collaboration

Participation in our contest catalyzes community engagement, encouraging residents to become active contributors to their city's sustainability goals. It also opens doors to new collaborations, both locally and internationally, forging partnerships that can bring innovative solutions to life and amplify the impact of your city's initiatives.

Access to Cutting-Edge Real-Time Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any types are welcome. Our universal protocol technology can integrate any IoT device, regardless of its protocol, enabling us to work with the existing IoT infrastructure of your city.

IoT can enhance a broad spectrum of sustainability projects—from monitoring air and water quality to smart waste management systems and energy-efficient lighting. If your project aims to improve urban living and has a positive environmental impact, we want to hear about it.

No, there's no need for new installations. Our contest leverages your city's existing IoT infrastructure. Simply connect us with your IoT integrators to get started.

Participation brings your city's sustainability efforts to the forefront, offering a chance to win Thinkz's real-time IoT-based services that further your environmental objectives.

Projects at any stage of development are eligible. We value innovative ideas with the potential for significant sustainability impact.

Participation is entirely free. We process and verify your data in real-time at no cost, utilizing LDV and AI to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Absolutely. Our approach is 100% GDPR compliant. We don't identify individual users nor aggregate personal data. Our focus is on enhancing city services and sustainability efforts while ensuring user privacy.

We use our own and third-party cookies to enable and improve your browsing experience on our website. If you go on surfing, we will consider you accepting its use.