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Logroño adapts its mobility and urban space

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza - Alcalde de Logroño

The city (in La Rioja, Spain) adapts its mobility and urban space turning the health emergency into opportunity through its ‘Logroño Open Streets’ strategy

Logroño has implemented a strategy through an emergency declaration in May aimed at regaining the space to respect social distancing in mobility through light, fast and inexpensive tactical urban planning actions based on painting, waymarking and street furniture; measures easy and quick to execute in order to gain quality public space for people.

These actions, started in May, are part of the ‘Logroño Open Streets’ strategy. The first streets to have been adapted are some of the most populated streets of the city: Gonzalo de Berceo, República Argentina, Sagasta, Siete Infantes de Lara, Fundición, Guardia Civil and Vara de Rey.

‘Logroño Open Streets’ will extend the interventions to as many streets as possible and neighborhoods of the city where the pathway is too narrow based on its Sustainable Mobility Plan and the needs imposed by Covid-19.

Logroño is taking the necessary measures to protect the health of its citizens and its government firmly believe in a city for the people where sustainable development is a key to its growth. In this context, public spaces and an efficient and healthy mobility are more important than ever. Diversity and inclusion are also taking into consideration in these actions, we want to rethink the city for all those people who have been for years on the fringes of urban planning, from the elderly to children or women or those with some type of disability.

Before the pandemic, active mobility accounted for more than 60% of journeys in Logroño, mostly by foot, and the bicycle only reached 2% of the total, very little for a city with short and flat distances.

Facilitating active mobility (pedestrian and cyclist) helps to decongest public transportation and to maintain safe distances, so it is urgent to take measures that improve the comfort and safety of people who walk and pedal.

‘Logroño Open Streets’ Strategy is based on six intervention programs: Healthy Pedestrian Network. Healthy Cycling Network. Pacified areas. Improvement of Environments. Support for public transport and regulations adaptation.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza
Logroño Mayor

Logroño adapts its mobility and urban space

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