APMT launches online portal for hazardous cargo documents

APMT launches online portal for hazardous cargo documents

APM Terminals (APMT) has developed a new online gateway to help shipping companies manage hazardous cargo documents more efficiently

According to APMT, the initial version of the new global tool shortens the number of steps required to execute a crucial safety activity. Auto-completion and drop-down fields using standard IMDG terminology improve clarity and speed while lowering the chance of mistakes.

Known as the Hazardous Documentation Vault (HazDV), it streamlines the documentation process and contributes to data management as well as safety standards.APMT revealed that approximately 60 million TEU containers are moved throughout the world each year, with approximately 6 million containing hazardous material.

Such cargo, especially devices containing lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries, offers an elevated risk of serious events if not handled properly, and the quantity of such things has risen dramatically in recent years.

APMT’s HazDV reportedly carries out a number of logic checks to ensure that the correct IMDG codes have been applied, so mistakes in the documentation are identified, speeding up and simplifying information flow.APMT’s online portal has already been implemented in its US terminals in Port Elizabeth, Mobile, and Miami. As with previous APMT worldwide digital solutions, it can be swiftly scaled out to additional Ports and Terminals, with plans for four more terminals in the coming months.

Source: Dom Magli (https://www.porttechnology.org/news/)

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