Is SoutH2Port the most ambitious clean hydrogen project yet?

Is SoutH2Port the most ambitious clean hydrogen project yet?

A new 600MW facility pioneered by three industry leaders will produce 240 tonnes of clean hydrogen per day

ABB, Lhyfe, and Skyborn have collaborated on the green hydrogen project, known as SoutH2Port. They believe it will be Europe’s most ambitious project in this area to date.

It will be built in Söderhamn, Sweden, and will utilise the 1GW of power produced by Skyborn’s wind farm nearby.

Moreover, it will make significant contributions towards Sweden’s 2045 net zero goal. The country will produce clean hydrogen for downstream production, sustainable aviation fuels, and ammonia.

Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy, explained: “Hydrogen plays a crucial role in helping achieve the world’s climate goals when it comes to decarbonising the industrial and transportation sectors.”

What is clean hydrogen and how does it contribute to carbon neutrality?

The process of creating clean hydrogen means that its only by-products are water vapour and oxygen. This process results in completely clean energy production with zero carbon emissions emitted.

This is done through a chemical process called electrolysis, which uses an electrical current to separate hydrogen from oxygen in the water.

Electrolysis for clean hydrogen production is predicted to save 830 million tonnes of CO2 emissions that are emitted annually when this gas is produced using fossil fuels. Likewise, replacing all grey hydrogen in the world would require 3,000 TWh/year from new renewables — equivalent to the current demand of Europe.

Additionally, falling renewable energy prices coupled with the dwindling cost of electrolysers and increased efficiency due to technology improvements have increased the commercial viability of green hydrogen production.

The collaboration will benefit from leading industry expertise

Taia Kronborg, Co-Founder at Lhyfe, said: “Skyborn’s track record in offshore wind power, Lhyfe’s expertise in renewable hydrogen production, coupled with ABB’s technological expertise creates new opportunities for enabling Power-to-X solutions linked with clean hydrogen production at scale.”

“This is clearly a strategic move for the project. We believe that the collaboration will enable us to accelerate our high ambitions in the region,” concluded Achim Berge Olsen, Chairman of Skyborn.



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