Spain paves the way for alternatively-fuelled cars

Green Car

The Spanish Government has passed the Alternative Energy Vehicles Impulse Resolution (VEA); now the goal is to increase the number of these vehicles and to boost their industrialization.

The Minister Council passed, on the 26th of June, an agreement that acknowledges the Strategy for the Impulse of Alternative Energy Vehicles in Spain from 2014 to 2020. This agreement is the fruit of the effort carried out by the Inter-Ministry Workforce team, created with the contributions of Autonomic Communities, of the local entities and of the main industrial associations in the sector.

This Plan will allow the automobile production & equipment industry to be prepared for new strategic technologies, maintaining the privileged position of Spain as global car producers in the future. The goal is to place Spain as a referent country in the sector of alternative energies applied to transportation (electric vehicles, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, , Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, biofuels and hydrogen batteries), favoring the vehicle-related industries within the larger frame of the current energetic and environmental challenges.

This strategy analyzes the specifications of each and every one of the technologies that offer an alternative to fossil fuels, and outlines a set of specific actions to cover three axes of involvement, interconnected by a legal frame that may support a continuity for all the actions on course, thus offering guarantees to the markets, to investors in infrastructure and to promoters of industrialization.


These are the three axes outlined:

30 policies covering three axes: industrialization, market & infrastructure

Industrialization: The process of alternatively-fuelled vehicles is to be promoted as well as supply and recharge points, with the objective of placing Spain at the vanguard of these technologies. Several measures have been agreed on, targeting the industrialization of electric & hybrid vehicles, components and infrastructure supply, as well as R&D boosting measures.

Market: Several actions have been defined to boost the supply of vehicles and components, in an effort to achieve a stable market that may favor economies of scale and the supply of products, allowing to strengthen infrastructures and industrialization in Spain. This axis includes promotion and awareness measures towards alternative fuels & technologies, as well as measures to stimulate the purchase of vehicles.

Infrastructures: This axis features measures to achieve a network of infrastructure that can cover the mobility needs of users and therefore to enable the development of an alternate fuel market.

In addition, and in line with the goal and environment of the application of Directive 2014/94/EU, October 2014 (targeting the implantation of an alternative fuel infrastructure) and the upcoming National Framework for the implantation of infrastructures, this VEA strategy will make an initial assessment of the forecasts on the development of electric & hybrid fleets, as well as the required infrastructures to grant the success of these actions for the year 2020.

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