Smart City Expo Puebla, trigger for smart cities in Latin America


It is time to renew the classic perception of urban management and reformulate the measures to be taken to face population growth as expected in the coming years.

The UN estimates that by 2050 75% of the world population will live in urban centers; therefore, it is in the cities where it will face the great challenges of the century, such as climate change, growth and aging population, the obsolescence of infrastructure and consumption of natural resources. In urban areas it generates over 70% of the garbage of the world consume 80% of global energy and 70% of greenhouse gases emitted.

The challenges facing cities today transcend the implementation of current strategies

The basis of a livable city of tomorrow is built with an innovative, smart, sustainable infrastructure and with a conscious and active society.

Smart cities change patterns, consumption habits and the way they interact with the environment. Innovation allows us to build tomorrow's society today with local renewable energy generation, sustainable and inclusive transport, efficient waste management and water; and in all cases the technology to access information interactively in real time, which makes life easier and more accessible.

Innovation, to serve quality of life

In Mexico, the concept of Smart City is in the early stages, which opens a wide range of areas of opportunity for the development of projects with great results.

Smart City Expo Puebla (SCEP) is the international version in Latin America of Smart City Expo World Congress, benchmark event for smart cities. The realization of this event is possible thanks to the efforts of Federal, State and Municipal Government. In addition to institutions from various fields such as UN Habitat, World Bank, National Council of Science and Technology, National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico, Ministry of Economy of the Federal Government, Ministry of Agrarian, Land and Urban Development Federal Government Secretariat Interior of the Federation, Ministry of Energy of the Federal Government Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of the Federal Government, National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development, Mario Molina Center, Center for Economic Research and Docencias, Ministry of Communications and Digital Innovation Municipality of Puebla, Office of Digital Strategy of the Government of the Republic Ministry of Tourism of the State of Puebla and the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism of the Municipality of Puebla, actively involved in the organizing committee.

This consolidates and strengthens the objectives of the Smart City Expo Puebla, while increasingly structured as an interdisciplinary event where different sectors of society are involved in these actions that result in a social good.

The Smart City Expo Puebla will host the most important exponents and researchers of the Smart Cities worldwide. An audience of more than 3,000 people in the Congress and an attendance of 5,000 visitors to the Expo is expected.

Among the main presentations we will have: “The regional and metropolitan dimension in the government of cities”, “Mobility and recovery of urban space”, “The challenge of equality: people in the center of the Smart City”, “From the Ideas to Action instruments for urban change” and “Technology and innovation at the service of the people”.

This event will convene more than 80 companies participating as exhibitors, and around 500 cities around the world will meet on 16, 17 and 18 February in the Exhibitor Center Puebla.
Smart City Expo Puebla is the event that will trigger the actions of a new management of cities in Latin America, with the main focus of social equity and generating strategies to enable all citizens regardless of their social status access to the same services, quality and efficient.

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