Social Capital and Resiliency

Important conference organized by Social Capital Center at College of Farabi, University of Tehran

The first conference on Social Capital and Security was held in May 2016 at the College of Farabi, University of Tehran. As this conference was held successfully and was seriously welcomed by the scientific community and the government officials, it was decided to hold this conference annually.

Accordingly, the second conference of social capital with a focus on sustainable development was held in Nov 2019.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevents holding the third conference on time. This year, it was decided to hold the third conference internationally with a focus on the global Coronavirus crisis and with special emphasis on resiliency.

The Conference Policy committee believes that the concept of social capital is a broad and complex concept that encompasses and influences different social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects. Social capital can play a key role in the issue of resiliency. Whether we consider resiliency as an individual or social concept or as a physical or economic phenomenon, all members of society participate in its construction and maintenance. Resiliency is related to the structures of social capital including trust, confidence, participation, hope and etc. Since social capital is the basis of effective social interaction, it increases resiliency.

Today, social interactions around the world are being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic challenge borderless. The virus was initially considered more of a threat to public health than anything else but has gradually become a global threat to the economy, culture, social relations and other human-related interactions. Considering the issue of resiliency, especially in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world and the importance of social capital in its management, the College of Farabi intends to hold the international conference on social capital and resiliency which will take place on March 8.


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