The future of utilities lies in the digitization and autonomous management of distribution network infrastructure, says AIUT director

The future of utilities lies in the digitization and autonomous management of distribution network infrastructure, says AIUT director

Ensuring energy security in its various dimensions is one of the leading topics to be discussed during Enlit Europe 2023

Every year, Enlit Europe brings together experts, manufacturers, suppliers, and innovators from the global Utilities industry. This time, one of the most important events in the energy and utility sector will take place in Paris from November 28th to 30th, 2023, where AIUT will present comprehensive IoT SmartCity solutions for intelligent management of utility supply networks and city infrastructure.

Ensuring energy security in its various dimensions is one of the leading topics to be discussed during Enlit Europe 2023. The event, taking place this year in Paris, will gather nearly 12,000 specialists from the energy industry and over 700 exhibitors - suppliers of solutions and technologies for the utility sector. At the exhibition stand no. 7.2.K34. the AIUT team will present its advanced solutions for comprehensive management of gas, water, and heat supply networks- systems that enable intelligent monitoring and autonomous management of distribution network infrastructure.

Efficient management of vital resources such as gas, water, and energy is critical in both the economic and environmental contexts. Therefore, the implementation of solutions enabling comprehensive and cost-effective management of media supply network infrastructure becomes even more important. Such systems enable the fast and secure acquisition of telemetry data from meters and other devices, real-time analysis, and automated management of the network and business processes, including customer billing. Furthermore, network digitization enables the quick detection of failures and predictive analysis to prevent them. Such capabilities are provided by AIUT solutions used by our customers, water and gas companies, and local governments” says Artur Gabryś, SmartCity IoT Division Director at AIUT.

Smart Management Solutions for Gas, Water & Heat

Advanced technologies and solutions from AIUT contribute to the transformation of cities into intelligent, sustainable ecosystems. The AIUT Smart City IoT systems enable real-time monitoring and management of urban infrastructure, contributing to resource consumption optimization, increased safety, and improved quality of life for residents.

We believe that the future lies in the digitization of key sectors and the development of smart cities, and our IoT solutions enable the achievement of these goals. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with the participants of Enlit Europe 2023, and we are ready to build further partnerships and cooperation with gas, water, and heat distributors. The meeting in Paris will also be an opportunity to discuss the latest communication technologies that AIUT uses in its solutions and helps in their widespread implementation by building Smart City infrastructure” adds Artur Gabryś, AIUT.

Smart Sensors Grid for Full Control and Safety

AIUT SmartCity IoT is a comprehensive open-architecture platform for data collection, diagnostics, and process management. The solution is based on smart sensors that seamlessly communicate through IoT networks, providing data on gas, water, heat, and lighting. Such unified IoT network infrastructure allows companies to more effectively manage their resources and improve the performance of their distribution system.

The solution enables the automation of resource and infrastructure management, process optimization, and enhances the security of distribution networks. By digitizing and automating reading processes, we also increase the operational efficiency of enterprises and streamline settlement processes with customers, leading to significant cost reduction”, summarizes Artur Gabryś.

Innovations that save for you: the microwave measurement method

AIUT ensures continuous development of its solutions, including the communication methods of IoT data loggers, as well as support at every stage of system implementation and maintenance.

We deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs. We are also a partner in product development and are responsible for the full customization of devices for our clients. We are continuously improving our products to better address the challenges of today's industry and support the management of key resources. Therefore, our IoT device development team has implemented, among others, the microwave measurement method for effective, safe metering of tank levels and sewage networks. It is worth noting that the microwave technology used for measurements in the Utility sector was recently legalized in the United States, which is why it is anticipated to gain global attention in the near future”, points out Artur Frankiewicz, IoT Department Director at AIUT.

The new 60GHz radio frequency band opens up new possibilities for monitoring liquids and bulk materials, a topic that AIUT experts will discuss during Enlit Europe 2023. How does it work? To measure the level in the tank, the microwave sensor does not require an internal probe - the microwave waves penetrate through plastic barriers, in this case, the tank's casing. This makes the measurement completely non-invasive, as the device is installed outside the tank. It serves as an alternative to ultrasonic measurement. It is more precise and also much better at handling disturbances related to signal reflections or the formation of foam on the liquid surface.

We have already implemented this technology with selected clients, and see its tremendous potential in other areas, e.g. for measuring wastewater. This will allow for balancing the entire water ecosystem. In addition, AIUT also offers a wide range of NB-IoT products. The use of this technology significantly extends the battery life of our products and reduces its production costs”, emphasies Artur Frankiewicz.

AI-Powered Digital Solution for Water Utilities

Today, challenges are not only faced by the energy market. Water deficit is one of the world's biggest problems, and most losses of treated water result mainly from underground leaks in water networks. Therefore, water utilities must leverage innovative digital solutions to optimize the increasing investments in infrastructure and enhance safety. AIUT water management solutions help operators to more efficiently manage water infrastructure and resources, and most importantly, reduce water losses. With AIUT Water Prime, we can do even more. Our artificial intelligence-powered system quickly detects underground leaks and automatically manages the water supply network.


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