Smart data for predictive lighting systems


The new D4i-certified OTi 30/50 DX L LED (Osram) drivers for intelligent buildings.

With digitalization gaining momentum every day, the future-proof and far-sighted planning of wireless lighting installations is becoming more and more important. The new OTi DX 30 and 50 L can be conveniently integrated into building management systems and, of course, the Internet of Things (IoT). Both products have official D4I certification, ensuring active DALI bus supply (Part 250) and providing both luminaire (Part -251) and monitoring data (Parts 252 to 253). This means that all OTi DX drivers – Compact, Linear and Outdoor – come with a D4I certification.

Versatile drivers for efficient wireless systems
The OTi DX 30 and 50 L ensures that lighting planners, installers and users enjoy maximum freedom when setting up wireless lighting systems. The integrated DALI-2 bus supply makes it really easy to integrate sensors and radio modules into the installation. This also simplifies the luminaire design for radio-based lighting control systems and sensors. The radio-based technology enables the set-up of close-meshed networks which can also be conveniently implemented in existing lighting installations without the need for major intervention in the building structure.

Data for using buildings intelligently
However, making intensive use of luminaire and monitoring data is crucial for the efficiency and flexibility of these systems. Via the DEXAL interface these LED drivers enable the connection of sensors or radio modules in order to set up smart lighting installations. In compliance with the DiiA standards Parts -251, -252 and -253, the drivers can make available comprehensive luminaire information, as well as monitoring, energy and diagnostic data. This wealth of data provides essential information about parameters such as operating hours, energy consumption, or even the causes of equipment failure. The lighting system can thus be analyzed and monitored at any time in order to optimize energy consumption and plan maintenance and replacement intervals well in advance.

Efficiency, flexibility and lighting quality
In addition to the D4I certification and all its many advantages, the new OTi DX 30 and 50 L provide other valuable benefits with regard to flexibility, efficiency and lighting quality. The particularly low ripple current ensures superior lighting quality without any disturbance of scanner systems or machines. The wide output window makes it possible to use various module combinations.

The Constant Lumen Output function stands out due to its effectiveness: It contributes to keeping the necessary lumen output at a constant level throughout a luminaire’s life time. This ensures that the LEDs are operated with the optimal driver current during their entire service life, thus enabling energy savings, constant luminous performance and enhancing the reliability of the whole system. This and other functions are simply ideal for durable systems which can be conveniently maintained in immaculate condition and variably extended.

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