Unlocking the Value of Data: Highlights from the 9th FIWARE Global Summit

Unlocking the Value of Data: Highlights from the 9th FIWARE Global Summit

Imagine a world where we could harness the power of all the data available to us

That was the central theme of the 9th FIWARE Global Summit, held in the vibrant city of Vienna on June 12-13, 2023. The event aimed to explore the possibilities of turning data into value and showcased some exciting developments in this field.

Gone are the days when traditional IT systems could handle the massive volume of data being generated. The process of establishing one-to-one interfaces to connect data interfaces with partners has proven to be time-consuming and inflexible.

Fortunately, a new solution has emerged – data spaces. These spaces revolutionize data sharing by replacing cumbersome one-to-one connections, enabling flexible collaborations among various partners. The interconnectedness of data spaces forms the foundation for the emergence of vibrant multi-sided markets, where the true value of data often manifests in unexpected ways.

FIWARE, along with its partner network, has been at the forefront of bringing data spaces to life. They play a significant role in facilitating the creation of data spaces by contributing their technology and providing the necessary building blocks for interoperability. With seamless communication, everyone can share and access information smoothly, without any hiccups.

European Data Spaces

One exciting initiative gaining momentum is the concept of European Data Spaces, spearheaded by the EU Commission. This initiative aims to establish a secure and trusted framework for data sharing across sectors and domains within the European Union. It seeks to fuel data-driven innovation, drive digital transformation, and foster economic growth while prioritizing data protection and privacy.

To achieve this vision, European Data Spaces can leverage the Gaia-X framework, which provides a trusted and interoperable infrastructure for secure and controlled data sharing. Gaia-X's emphasis on standards, security, and data sovereignty aligns perfectly with the objectives of European Data Spaces, working towards a unified and data-driven European ecosystem.

FIWARE plays an active role in shaping the technical foundations of Gaia-X by defining common standards, interfaces, and protocols. Additionally, the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), a community-driven initiative that promotes and advances the concept of data spaces, has FIWARE as one of its active members. As a leading technology provider in the field of data spaces and interoperability, FIWARE plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and development of the DSBA.

How data spaces are being applied to smart cities: The example of Monaco

Realizing the potential of data spaces is not limited to theory; it is already happening. The Global Summit provided a glimpse into how data spaces are being applied to smart cities.

Monaco, for example, showcased its Smart Cloud approach, which combines the public cloud provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Monaco's sovereign cloud, known as Monaco Cloud. By harnessing the power of IoT and real-time data processing, Monaco is transforming into a smart and sustainable city, revolutionizing mobility, the environment, and tourism. The integration of FIWARE components and the cutting-edge Smart Cloud approach enables Monaco to create intelligent services tailored to its residents' unique needs.

Brilliant FIWARE case studies

The event also highlighted several brilliant FIWARE case studies. Implementing smart solutions in cities often comes with technical obstacles, high costs, and scalability challenges. However, cities that utilized FIWARE's platform and standards experienced accelerated implementation and reduced costs.

For instance, the cities of Leuven, Bruges, and Roeselare collaborated on the Sirus Smart City store, which harmonizes data from various sensors and platforms in the city. By sharing data across city borders, these cities generated added value for their citizens and companies. The success of this project has even attracted interest from six other Belgian cities and municipalities, who may join the platform in the future.

Inspiring keynotes and in-depth technical talks on Data Spaces

Beyond the success stories, the FIWARE Global Summit provided attendees with inspiring keynotes and in-depth technical talks on Data Spaces, including those from Gerhard Hirczi, CEO of Vienna Business Agency, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Fraunhofer ISST; Sophie Proust, EVP, Atos Group CTO, Jonathan Reichental, Smart Cities expert, best-selling Author.


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