FIWARE Global Summit Agenda for June 12

FIWARE Global Summit Agenda for June 12

Get ready to learn and be inspired by so many recognisable names from our industry speaking at the FIWARE Global Summit Grand Opening


1:30 pm – 3:30 pm CEST

Get ready to learn and be inspired by so many recognisable names from our industry speaking at the FIWARE Global Summit Grand Opening. 

Welcome by the City of Vienna: Mr. Magistratsdirektor- Stellvertreter Mag. Wolfgang Müller, followed by MD of Business Agency of Vienna:

GF Mr. Gerhard Hirczi, then Florian Tursky, State Secretary, Austrian Ministry of Finance.
Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Executive Director, Fraunhofer ISST
Sophie Proust, CTO, Atos
Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Founder, Human Future
Florian Tursky, Björn de Vidts,
Abdulrahman IBRAHIM, Al Madinah

We love to share our fantastic line-up of accomplished executive speakers with extensive experience in running open source and open standards projects. Meet them here.

From vision to business, meet YOUR opportunities powered by FIWARE partners 

4:00 pm – 4:40 pm CEST

If you feel like eating a delicious sacher tort and hearing how to improve your business, funding opportunities, learn what accelerators and DIHs offer, what you can learn about new technologies, discover all the “tips and tricks' from investors and key players. This is the session for you!

FIWARE stories towards climate neutral cities (Smart Cities & Smart Mobility session)

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

The primary objective of Smart Cities is to enhance the quality of life of citizens while also engaging companies to work towards achieving mission zero. Learn more about Smart City ecosystems powered by FIWARE, Smart City solutions and technologies to improve citizens life and at the end fulfilling mission zero together by the power of technology.

Making Data Spaces happen! (Data Spaces)

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

Visit this session to discover how FIWARE will make Data Spaces happen! Contents will give all the details and insights around the path taken in this strategic area. Beyond an overall vision on Data Spaces, we will dive deep into recent Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) Technical Convergence specifications, elaborate on the concept of FIWARE Data Space Connector and learn about several interesting projects on data spaces run by members of the FIWARE Community.

Tech at the edge: trends reshaping the future with FIWARE

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

This session will explore the latest trends in technology and their impact on the future, as well as the potential of FIWARE to support innovation in this rapidly changing landscape. Attendees will hear from experts who will share their experiences and insights on how FIWARE can be leveraged to bring innovation to the forefront. The session will include presentations on the use of FIWARE in the third spatial dimension and AI-based quality control gates.

Strategic FIWARE programs, Services and Products

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

This session will offer a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of FIWARE, including its marketplace, training programs, smart data models, and integrated data platforms for healthcare. The session will be beneficial for developers, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties looking to leverage FIWARE technologies to create innovative solutions for a range of industries.

FIWARE Impact – Stories from big tech companies, Governments and Cities contributing to digital transformation of the territory

4:40 pm – 5:40 pm CEST

In this session we report examples do public administrations and private companies contributing to digital transformation in the territory. The implementation of digital technologies in public and private organizational systems can raise service level standards and transparency, improve interactions with citizens, stimulate innovation, improve decision-making, increase development of smart solutions and services that have a positive impact in the territory.

Open Culture & DevOps workshop for FIWARE projects

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

We will be hosting an open culture and DevOps workshop  to learn how to collaborate to deliver and develop successful FIWARE projects. This workshop has already been successfully delivered at the Digital Days 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

Matchmaking: book your appointment with Accelerators, Experts in funding, investors, DIHs

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

An unmissable Matchmaking event in the amazing atmosphere of Vienna Rathaus, an outstanding place for bringing people, and citizens together and the city itself with concerts, film festivals, regional beer, wine, and food festivals, holiday markets, and much more. These one-to-one meetings are extraordinary occasions to discover funding opportunities, investors occasions, and new financing programmes.

Smart4Cities book presentation

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

FIWARE has been supporting cities for many years to get their Smart City strategies off the ground. More than 350 cities in over 30 countries worldwide trust in using FIWARE technologies and with a global impact increasing day by day.  This time we reference 145 cities with more than 155 solutions in our book and more is still on our radar!

The FI-Dinner

8:00 pm – 11:59 pm CEST

After a full day of world-class innovation, collaboration, and networking at FIWARE Global Summit in an amazing venue – Vienna City Hall, we invite you to enjoy the royal atmosphere of Vienna palaces and museums at the great Royal FI-Dinner on June 12th.

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