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Welcome to the machine?

SC 13: Welcome to the machine?

As Dylan’s song goes, times are changing, yet in the 21st Century the speed of transformation is provoking some imbalances, affecting the lives of countries, cities and people.

Looking out over the balcony at the latest developments in Greece or the rising of some radical anti-system movements in Spain, we have to think differently regarding issues that, in the Smart City environment, have a special meaning and clearly require a double reading: people are suffering more than necessary and, at the same time, are angry with some power holding groups, who they believe to be directly accountable for their disappointment and irritation.

If, from these pages, we have supported movements aimed at improving people’s lives, now, more than ever, we need to promote, protect and ensure that any Smart project development be more social and fair, adapting strategic plans and translating innovation into the engine to create a new and better way of life.

No political party, no ideology and no leader should close their eyes to a new reality where those who have lived between the devil of exclusion and the deep blue sea of oblivion now wish to participate on equal terms. Undoubtedly telecoms have played a key role over recent years, building a virtual and global world that can make us better.

Now it is the politicians’ turn: those who have already made real progress down the path of the Smart City and those who need to begin to walk with love and death, as in the old Huston movie.

A great lover of the city, Aristotle, already taught us that “Hope is a waking dream”.

Welcome to the machine?

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