Taiwan's way to the smart city: the bridge between technology and people

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan is committed to transforming the Taiwanese ICT industry towards service-oriented technology. Given Taiwan's strong infrastructure in broadband and its strength in the integration of software and hardware, Taiwan is in an ideal position for the development of smart cities and in the search for new opportunities by exporting solutions to other countries.

The essence of Smart City is to facilitate the daily life of people with the help of ICT and meet the needs of these to achieve greater efficiency and greater satisfaction. Through the implementation of various national policies and initiatives, such as the "Smart Cities Development Project," Taiwan uses the public-private co-creation model (PPP) to take advantage of public and private sector resources to facilitate intelligent services in Taiwan, and to expand to the global market.


Learning from past experiences, the industry seeks to develop intelligent solutions based on the needs of users. By leveraging the resources and feedback from local governments, industries, startups and local residents, smart, user-centered solutions are developed in areas such as health, agriculture, transportation, retail and more, as a result of this great synergy.

"By migrating from 4G to 5G, cross-domain applications are the key drivers for both technological development and the prosperity of the industry. Taiwan's strength in hardware and software integration allows us to become key partners in the global ecosystem", says the representative of the Smart City Development Projects Office delegated by the IDB.

At the Mobile World Congress 2019, the Taiwan Pavilion led by the IDB (Hall 5, Stand 5A61) will demonstrate innovative solutions that provide operational management and decision-making support in smart governance and agriculture, as well as many others to meet the needs of intelligent transport, tourism, retail, education and energy.

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