All for one, and one for all


We proudly present the Smart City Business Institute, created for the purpose of becoming the main international business platform for the most innovative sector in today´s market.

After a long and fruitful year of the birth of SC Actual Smart City and its consolidation as the main magazine in the most up-and-coming sector of the economy, we have created the Smart City Business Institute, an institution which the goal of becoming a real platform of business opportunities for all enterprises, since most of today´s firms are involved in the changes brought by this Third Industrial Revolution.

Knowledge, institutions, professionals and companies will find that the Smart City Business Institute is not only a meeting point, but a means to fully develop their business plans in this sector, resulting in a win-win scenario, after having invested in the transformation of societies and citizens.

The Smart City Business Institute will have four implication models, each with their own range of services, aimed at different target profiles and with the will to fully personalize these services to provide the best to whoever wishes to join us on this adventure.

These four models will be:

Professional: For professionals of different sectors such as architects, engineers, economists, lawyers…

City Lab: For City Halls, commerce chambers, foundations, public & private institutions…

Advanced: For small and medium enterprises, so that they can display their latest products and business plans to increase their client numbers, budgets and investors.

Corporate: A step up from the “Advanced” concept, with multiple advantages for firms to be ahead of time in their race towards the future.

Among other features in our cluster, we will include presentations, showcases and diffusion of new Smart applications, we will share information of the new technologies implemented in different countries, and we will stimulate the creation of new projects.

In addition to the publications displayed in the printed and online versions of the magazine SC Actual Smart City, the Smart City Business Institute will publish a newsletter with the latest information, both technical and from the Institute, to distribute among all implied agents.

Last but not least, the Smart City Business Institute will promote and give out the SMART KEYS, a set of prizes for the four most innovative and surprising projects from each year´s journey companions

This ambitious project, as well, has a transversal and universal nature, with all of its website´s content written in English and with the same wide and universal nature that the magazine SC Actual Smart City has attained.

This wide approach is no dream, but rather a reality, as we can prove with the web page, the site for SC Actual Smart City magazine. The success of this website is not quantitative but rather qualitative since, leaving visits aside, we already have 140.145 articles downloaded, both in English and Spanish.

These downloads have been made from 770 cities in 91 different countries, with the ranking leaders being Bulgaria, Ghana and Russia, which proves the wide interest of the magazine´s themes. In the case of cities, even we are surprise of the average length of the readings and visits, which we use to value the importance of our informations. In this regard, the French city of Poitiers has an average permanence time of 65 minutes; Augsburg, in Germany, shows 55 minutes, Westhampton Beach in the south of New York shows 32, and Cernusco del Naviglio, near Milán, puts up to 28 minutes. These values are quite a record of visits´length.

All the data shown here is fully reliable, as our numbers are audited by external firms four our potential to be approved.

With the history that we display here, we bring forth the Smart City Business Institute, at the disposal of all sectors. The Institute will take off in the upcoming month of January, and we are confident that this moment will become a milestone in the Smart sector.

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