Ideas Competition Coslada Smart Logistics

Coslada Smart Logistics

Let us introduce Coslada Smart Logistics, our first ideas competition. This contest is organised by the Coslada City Council along with the Madrid Polytechnical University (UPM).This competition is completely open to anyone who may have a helpful idea for the city of Coslada, or some other city with the same characteristics, regardless of the age, nationality, academic education or connection to any entity.

Important! There is no need to present yourself at Coslada at any time throughout the competition. You can make your participation fully online. Both stages can be made online. The main goals of the contest are the following:

  • Spread the concept of Smart City among students and citizens for those who are not aware of it yet, provide information on the state of the art in this sector and on the initiatives that are taking place in other countries.
  • Detect innovative and feasible ideas, applicable to the city of Coslada.
  • Contribute to the evaluation of the best ideas attending to the evaluation criteria which are pointed out in this text.
  • Reward the best projects.


The competition will consist of two stages:

Stage I: ideas selection

Together with the inscription form, the teams will include a description of the ideas that will take part in the contest, under a format provided by the organisation. It is very important the relationship between the idea and the concept of Smart City. Facts such as feasibility, efficiency, impact and profitability will also be taken into account. For this reason, it is advised the revision of the field research on the city of Coslada provided by the organisation.


Stage II: initiatives development

In this second stage of the competition, the ideas selected on stage I will be developed further, with the aim of getting a deep insight into the initiatives and team members in order to choose the awarded ideas. The best idea, according to the evaluation criteria and judges, will be proclaimed as the winner of the contest.

Further information can be found in the Smart City and Logistics competition guidelines.


1st award: 3.000€.

2nd award: 1.000€.

3rd award: 300€.

4th to 10th award: 100€.

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