First prize for a 7-year-old Iranian child

First prize for a 7-year-old Iranian child

At the 4th Mayors for Peace Children's Art Competition: "Peaceful Towns", in Hiroshima

The International "Peaceful Towns" Art Competition was organized for the 4th year in a row by the Mayors for Peace Organization in Hiroshima, Japan, with the participation of 105 cities from 18 countries.

According to the announcement of the competition Iranian Secretariat of the Mayors for Peace, in cooperation with the Communication and International Affairs Center of the Municipality of Tehran and the Tehran Peace Museum, children aged 6 to 15 were invited to submit their artwork on the theme of "Peaceful Towns" to participate in this competition.

In the first level of the competition, all the works of the participants were received from all over Iran, and then according to the capacity determined by the Japanese Secretariat the works of the cities that were more than the mentioned number were received by Iranian judges. Also, a specialist in children's painting was selected and sent to the Japanese Secretariat.

In the next level, all the works submitted from all over the world were reviewed by international judges, and finally, 12 works were selected for the first to third place. It is worth mentioning that among these 12 children six of them are from Iran and six from Japan. It is also a matter of pride that the first place belongs to an Iranian child.

Even though this event was held in the form of a competition, the works of all children are valuable and worthy of appreciation, because the child's pen in the color of “Peace” creates the most beautiful art.


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