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London Bridge

On the 4th and 5th of December 2014, Re-Work will take over The Crystal, at London´s Victoria Docks, to bring us another edition of their incredible Cities Summit, an event that brings together firms and developers to find new solutions for the modern cities

About a year ago, SC Actual Smart City was contacted by the team behind Re-Work, an organization whose goal is to promote development and innovation in cities by promoting new technologies and cutting-edge science

to solve many of the problems of today´s cities, as well as to provide their developers with a stage and platform from which to promote their projects.

Re-Work holds 3-4 events per year, each with a different central theme (health, engineering, urban planning…) but always with technology at its core. Being novices to RE-WORK´s events, we didn´t know what to expect, but what we saw was one of the most engaging, innovative, out-of-the-box events of the year. The summit took place in an impressively reformed tobacco warehouse, now known as the Tobacco Dock, where we enjoyed a complete event, filled with surprising expositions on technologies and debates, having guests from several renown institutions of research and development such as the MIT or the Delft University of Technology. Overall, the experience was memorable and the organization set by Re-Work was fantastic, trying to engage all the assistants to join the different discussions and add their ideas to the Summit.

This year, after the celebration of a Technology Summit in Berlin on the 19th and 20th of June, and another technology-oriented event in London on the 18th and 19th of September, Re-Work will hold its Cities Summit again- and SC Actual Smart City will be covering the event. We are expecting this Cities Summit to surpass the previous edition in every possible aspect. For starters, this Summit will take place on two days, compared to the single-day event from last year, so we will be able to enjoy much more content, presentations and chances to participate. There will be more institutions attending this event for the first time, like the Alexandra Institute from Denmark. Mirko Presser, Head of Research and Innovation at Alexandra´s Smart City Lab, will be representing the Institute, and sharing his experience on the IoT and Open Data sector, as well as the success cases that Alexandra Institute has made in urban planning over the world. In Presser´s opinion, the technologies that compose the Internet of Things will be one of the most powerful business markets related to innovation in the near future. “I think the IoT is still to unfold its full force. We have seen the web and mobile/cloud 1st and 2nd waves. The 3rd wave, the IoT will dwarf what has happened so far. I think early sectors are Energy and the Smart Home, Transport and the connected car, Smart City technologies and data driven services in general”, Presser told us.


Rework Future Cities Summit


The different presentations that await us will show us the possibilities, for example, of using small “swarm robots” and small flying drones to collect data, like the ones that the TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have developed. Digital data mapping will also be discussed at the Summit, like the Thingful system developed by Umbrellium, that can be used to monitor several variables of cities, in real time, and represent that data geographically. Like last year, technologies that focus on reducing pollution and create a healthier environment will also have a place at the Summit, such as the AirSensa initiative by Change London that monitors air quality in several areas in the British capital.

Overall, Re-Work will bring together more than 300 researchers, innovators and speakers, in an event that will not only present new, cutting-edge technologies to everyone, but that will also offer many networking opportunities, brainstorming sessions and workshops to the attendants. From our experience, Re-Work is sure to offer an incredible event, full of discoveries and opportunities, and where we may see some of the technologies that will reshape our cities in the future.

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