Leading Cities’ New Podcast Provides Glimpse into the Future


Each 20-minute episode introduces a major challenge plaguing local governments or communities and explores each company’s creative solution to alleviate the issue

Leading Cities, a global non-profit driving sustainability and resiliency in cities, launched a podcast to introduce the public to some of the most innovative technologies sourced from around the world. When adopted by cities, these technologies have the power to create transformative change for individuals, communities, and even the world-at-large.

Today, there are about 1.4 million tech startups around the world creating new innovative solutions. This rate of innovation makes it impossible to be aware of all the new innovations coming into the marketplace. Among these innovations are solutions to the problems that have challenged communities and individuals for generations, while others are producing new technologies to improve quality of life in ways we could not have imagined.

In “Preview of Tomorrow” Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities, provides podcast subscribers with a glimpse into the future as he speaks with inspiring entrepreneurs from revolutionary companies dedicated to re-shaping the human experience—especially in cities, where, for the first time in human history, more than 50 percent of the world’s population now live. Each 20-minute episode introduces a major challenge plaguing local governments or communities and explores each company’s creative solution to alleviate the issue.

The companies highlighted are making huge strides towards increased resiliency, sustainability, and equity. From utilizing plants to generate energy and producing yoga mats out of carbon dioxide removed from the air to using data to end human trafficking, there is no social issue too big for these innovators to tackle.

"In the cities of the future, we no longer want you to be surrounded by concrete, we want you to feel surrounded by nature and technology," states Pablo Vidarte, Founder and CEO of Bioo, in the Episode: Electricity From Plants. Bioo was the 2020 AcceliCITY Champion, a global competition for smart and resilient city startups. They are developing technology that generates electricity directly from the soil around plants—non-stop, 24/7 power generation.

From opportunities, we have not yet discovered to the challenges we currently face, “Preview of Tomorrow” enlightens its listeners to the issues and opportunities that surround us. “As an individual, company or city, freedom in a hyper-connected world is the ability to choose if, when, where and how to connect to other entities without your information being stolen,” explains Nathan Pawl, Founder and CEO of Blacksands in Episode: Securing our Cyber Future.

The goal of “Preview of Tomorrow” is to introduce listeners to emerging technologies, providing inspiration for the possibilities of tomorrow and an opportunity to advocate for the implementation of relevant solutions in their own communities. A new episode is released each week on podcast streaming platforms and vodcasts are available to watch on YouTube through the Preview of Tomorrow Playlist.

About Leading Cities

Leading Cities, an international nonprofit organization, connects smart cities across the globe with innovations and insight to drive resiliency, equity, and sustainability. By cultivating a global network of forward thinkers from the public, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors, we work collaboratively to mitigate the frustrations inherent to bringing about ambitious change. These changes are facilitated by a variety of programs and services including AcceliCITY, among the world’s largest smart city accelerators, AcceliGOV a marketplace for cities to compete for pre-paid pilot projects, and “Preview of Tomorrow” a podcast introducing innovative solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing communities.

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