UK Government takes initiative to protect cyber interests

Government takes initiative to protect UK cyber interests

The National Cyber Strategy 2022 sets out how to protect UK cyber interests and promote their interests in the ever-changing online world

The UK government has announced the publication of its novel National Cyber Strategy that lays out how the UK will consolidate its position as a global cyber power and protect itself from cyber threats. 

Protecting UK cyber interests 

Cyber is revolutionising the way we live our lives and thus our approach to national security. As a result, the UK is taking a new, thorough approach to reinforce its position as an accountable and democratic cyber power, capable of promoting and protecting their interests in and through cyberspace. 

The National Cyber Strategy builds on the advancements made in the field over the last five years which has seen the UK cyber security sector grow exponentially, with 1,400 businesses generating £8.9bn in revenue last year, as well as providing 46,700 skilled jobs and attracting a large amount of overseas investment.   

By implementing this new strategy, the UK government is calling on all areas of society to play their part in strengthening the UK’s economic and strategic strengths in cyberspace. This means the necessity of more diversity in the workforce, levelling up the cyber sector across all regions in the UK, escalating offensive and defensive cyber facilities and focusing on cyber security in the workplace, boardrooms and digital supply chains. 

"This National Cyber Strategy reinforces the UK’s cyber security so we can follow and endorse our interests with confidence. It is anticipated to keep us ahead of our adversaries and bolster our capability to act in cyberspace, as well as our capability to shape tomorrow’s technologies so they are safe, secure and open."

Cyber strategy pillars

  • Enhancing the UK cyber ecosystem, investing in citizens and skills and expanding the partnership between government, academia, and industry 
  • Constructing a durable and flourishing digital UK, decreasing cyber risks so businesses can exploit the economic benefits of digital technology and citizens are secure online and assured that their data is protected 
  • Taking the lead in the technologies vital to cyber power, building our industrial capability and developing frameworks to secure future technologies 
  • Evolving UK global leadership and influence for a more reliable, affluent and open international order, working with government and industry partners and sharing the expertise that underpins UK cyber power 
  • Identifying, interrupting, and preventing our adversaries to improve UK security in and through cyberspace, making more cohesive, innovative and routine use of the UK’s full spectrum of levers. 


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