SmartCity.UA —the first independent initiative in Ukraine

SmartCity.UA —the first independent initiative in Ukraine

The goal is to promote comfort and security in the cities, accelerate the provision of services by government agencies and eliminate corruption by digitizing city services

SmartCity.UA is the first independent initiative in Ukraine that brought together cities and communities, government agencies, investors, the business community, associations and activists to implement the concept of Smart City in the regions of Ukraine.

The main mission of the SmartCity.UA initiative is to transform the cities of Ukraine into a safe environment for a comfortable life of citizens. The goal of Smart City.UA is to promote comfort and security in the cities of Ukraine, accelerate the provision of services by government agencies and eliminate corruption by digitizing city services.

SmartCity.UA unites cities and communities of Ukraine, state authorities, investors, the business community, associations and activists for the development of smart cities in the regions of Ukraine. The SmartCity.UA structure also includes the Kyiv Smart City initiatives and the Kyiv Smart City Hub community center, which were established several years earlier.

The SmartCity.UA team has been working in the field of smart city technology since 2016 and has the widest Smart City expertise in the country and strives to involve as many cities as possible in our initiative. The initiative develops and builds a common architecture and system of interconnections between national and regional digital solutions in advance.

The basis of SmartCity.UA is to ensure the successful reproduction of proven innovative technologies in regional promising smart city projects. The initiative creates an open model of relations between the community and local authorities.

The initiative carefully studies and exchanges best world practices in order to explore the best methods and models for implementing smart city solutions and tools.

The SmartCity.UA initiative combines data collected from implemented, current, and future smart city projects to develop and provide recommendations for further dissemination of best practices.

The initiative provides guidance to local authorities and decision-makers at the local and national levels and advises on how to make the community smart. All of the recommendations are based on detailed research.

SmartCity.UA implements successful innovative smart city technologies in all cities and regions of Ukraine, adapts, develops, and maintains appropriate customized solutions. The introduction of modern information and communication services is accompanied by training and methodological support of cities and communities. Moreover, the initiative provides access to Ukraine’s largest knowledge base on digital transformation.

In general, Ukrainian society places higher and higher demands on the quality of the urban environment, its improvement, and security. Citizens begin to perceive the city as its services that fit perfectly into the logic of the digital transformation of Ukraine.

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Nowadays "Smart city" is one of the most attractive tools for local authorities seeking to improve the quality of life of citizens and the efficiency of public administration. To solve the "chronic" problems of cities and communities and to respond quickly to the complex needs of societies, local authorities need to modernize and digitalize many areas of urban life.

The "smart city" approach allows the administration to make more reasoned decisions, which will make the lives of citizens more comfortable and safer.

The smart city strategy attracts regional leaders with the opportunity to create a more flexible, efficient, democratic, and inclusive local government that fully reflects local needs.

Ukrainian mayors are joining the principles of a smart city in pursuit of economic growth, improved management efficiency, improved environment, and a more positive image of the city and the city government.

“The most important thing for the communities of Ukraine is a comprehensive approach to digital transformation. For many years, cities and communities have implemented projects aimed at digitizing their areas of activity. Systems, services were created, equipment and software were purchased. And as a result, we got a big problem - the inability to integrate these systems with each other, which entails the need to start all over again or spend money on modernization. An integrated approach in this case provides a unified methodology for implementing systems and services for further effective use of the obtained data, their analysis, and development. And those communities that first analyze what they have, then develop plans and provide an integrated approach will be doomed to rapid and successful development.” - Head of SmartCity.UA, Yuriy Nazarov.

The commitment of regional leaders to the smart city strategy also coincides with the search for new political and economic roles of communities in the national and international context, for example, in promoting the region's image, attracting investment, inviting more qualified professionals, resource managers and more.

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