Smart Island World Congress

Smart Island World Congress

"Nowadays, it is crucial to discuss energy efficiency, sustainability, waste and water management and mobility in our territories. But in the specific case of islands, it is even more important; it is a matter of survival."

"Our territory is finite, it is fragile and limited, but at the same time is the most valuable treasure that we offer our residents and visitors".

Alfonso Rodríguez, Mayor of Calvià

Governments, cities and territory managers from our islands have detected the need to find new tools and services to reach an efficient management of insular territories and mitigate the weaknesses of insularity, such as a floating population, seasonality, unsustainable mobility and talent loss.

Smart Island World Congress is the first worldwide event which brings together the most relevant island leaders, industry experts, research centers, universities, governments and international organizations from all around the world to exploit the opportunities which arise from the challenges that islands have to face and devise the next lines of action.


The Smart Island World Congress will feature:

A two-day speakers' congress featuring international industry experts, island leaders and international institutions.

A networking area to merge public needs with private innovative solutions for worldwide islands, and a ceremony award to promote the implementation of Smart Island projects and initiatives worldwide.

The first edition gives you the opportunity to anticipate one of the most potential markets and define, devise and transform islands around the world.


20-21 April 2017 | calvià

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