Eight Spanish cities reduce electrical consumption thanks to Smart Lighting


The partnership between several city halls and the companies Enel Sole and Endesa will save millions for this cities, both in economic terms and in CO2 emissions

The Smart mindset applied to urban energy proved its potential for success throughout last year. Enel Sole, an energetic multinational company based in Italy, and the international platform Smart Cities Council have published an analysis about the changes implemented in the electric grids of eight Spanish cities, when smart metering technologies were installed.

These technologies include control systems that allow the reconfiguration of small portions of the grid, in real time, to the needs of the grid. The Spanish energetic company Endesa also took part in this project. The eight cities mentioned are Alcázares (Murcia), Móstoles (Madrid), Batea (Tarragona), Manacor (Balearic Islands), Vélez Rubio (Almería), Pruna (Sevilla), Écija (Seville) and Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba).

The results are very positive: on average, these towns have managed to reduce their electrical consumption by 64% compared to previous levels. The systems and controls that were installed did not only decrease the net amount of kilowatts used by the network, but they have also expanded the life expectancy of these batteries by a staggering 60.000 hours (the equivalent of 6 and a half years of additional use). The grids have also gained in adaptability and flexibility, now that they have the capacity to adjust the supply of power according to the timely conditions of the needs of the city itself. And, last but not least, the combined power saving of these 8 enclaves has cut the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 4.600 tons.

The success of this partnership is yet another example of the multiple benefits that Smart techniques can bring to cities, specifically in areas such as lighting and energy management. Smart Cities Council offer their booklet Smart Street Lighting 1010, featuring this and dozens of other successful urban lighting projects, on their website.

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