SCBI: let’s go!


The Smart City Business Institute has officially taken off with a set of agreements with several institutions and companies, determined to become a worldwide renown Smart platform

The Smart City Business Institute (SCBI) is now in motion. Our organization, whose main goal is to boost the creation of business opportunities within the Smart Cities sector, has taken the first steps in its commitment to spread the word about the Smart initiatives from companies, institutions, cities and professionals, as well as to give the deserved credit and exposure to the authors of said projects.

The SCBI was created with the support of the main Smart national & international institutions. We work closely with them all, to boost the spread of the Smart culture even further among society. Furthermore, the SCBI is determined to know the main doubts and needs of the entrepreneurial and institutional environments, and to publish the results of its Smart initiatives or the conclusions of its sectorial researches. The joint effort between institutions has proved to be one of the most useful and effective guidelines for all the actors of the Smart stage.

That is the direction in which the Institute has started to move. Thus, during these past weeks we´ve sealed collaboration agreements with several organizations who share our ideals and desires to promote the Smart phenomenon in the cities of Spain and the rest of the world. These are some of the agreements that we have sealed:

Garrigues Lawyer´s Office.- Established as one of the most important Law firms in the Smart environment, and with a dilated experience in innovation conducted within public administrations. Garrigues secured a spot in the Top 5 companies to work at in Spain, according to the ranking published by the magazine Actualidad Económica. The company, which earned the fifth place, is also the first Law firm in said ranking, and the only Spanish brand in the first places of that ranking, featuring more than 100 companies.

Barcelona City Hall.- One of the SCBI´s closest partners since its creation. We have already signed an agreement to work together in the Smart Education program: a project that aims to bring the concept of Smart Cities and innovation closer to the students of Barcelona, from primary school to high school alike. “Smart Education” will take place during the current schoolyear in five different schools in the city, through a set of activities and workshops for the students. This program is one of the 22 steps of the general plan “Smart City Barcelona”, with different contents devised for several ages, and its activities seek to engage the youngest and the teachers alike.

Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI).- RECI and the SCBI were destined to work together because of their shared goals. The RECI chose our magazine SC Actual Smart City as strategic media partner, serving as an associate for the communication efforts to promote the achievements of Spanish Smart Cities. RECI, now featuring 60 members in its ranks whose compromise to become Smart is incredibly solid. This institution is vital to the entire sector of new technologies, ICTs, sustainability, environmental awareness, public-private partnership…

La Salle/ Ramon Llull University.- The SCBI created the category “Knowledge Parterns” to be able to work with all universities who are engaged in Smart training, because we want our associates to profit from the advantages of specific training in the sector. The first agreement will be signed with the LaSalle University, which offers a Smart City postgraduate course. The goal of these studies is to create professionals prepared to faces the challenges of the design and implementation of transversal projects within the Smart City frame; to define the paradign of a Smart City through the understanding of smaller units like Smart buildings and neighborhoods, and to set the technologic pillars of Smart Cities in the vertical aspects or automatization, domotics, energy management and network rollouts.

Aids and subsides.- The SCBI made it clear that one of its priorities is to facilitate information on all the announcemens on European subsidies programs related to the Smart world. Likewise, the Institute will help companies in preparing proposals that may secure these funds in such a competitive environment. The SCBI has the counseling of experts with more than a decade of experience in the sector.

The SCBI would not be possible without the collaboration of many pioneering companies and institutions with different fields of expertise and the ones we´ve already mentioned. The Institute wants to become a unique meeting spot to join demand and supply of Smart solutions in the entire planet, providing communication skills and brand positioning, access to knowledge and networking, all in one platform. And we are already on the move. Let´s go.


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