The Smart City Business Institute presents itself to society

Smart City Business Institute

The SCBI has arrived, willing to lead the Smart sector of a new society. Our Institute had a formal introduction on the night of the 19th, with the presence of the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and from many representatives of the Smart world from different fields of the social, political and economic panorama.

The Smart City Business Institute, the business & project promotion platform destined to become a leader and guide of the Smart sector, was officially introduced into society in the company of many local institutions, companies and media at the Avenida Palace Hotel.

The leaders of the SCBI explained the motives and goals of this platform, and then went on to reveal many of the tools & services that the Institute will offer to transform projects of any scale into full-fledged success cases.

The president of the SCBI, Manuel Tarín, inaugurated the presentation that, in his own words, was “a small act for a great project born in a city ahead of its time”, in the context of the most innovative sector and with the largest development potential in the whole world. Rosa Paradell, Director of the Institute, followed by telling the attendees about the several lines of action that the SCBI has designed, adapted to several categories in which all of the actors of the Smart City sector can fit: companies of all size and fields, institutions, cities, professionals and developers, research & training centers…

Xavier Trias shared some final words to highlight the importance of the Smart phenomenon, and stating the support of the Barcelona City Hall to the SCBI and to the entire Smart sector of Barcelona. In the Mayor´s words, “Barcelona wishes to lead the new technological revolution of the 21st century, in the same fashion in which it lead the Industrial Revolution in Southern Europe along the 18th century. And this can only be achieved by joining efforts between all companies and professionals that work every day to develop new innovative projects. Without them”, he added, “and without public-private partnership, a Smart City cannot be possible. The people, the citizens, are the main recipients of the construction of a Smart City”.


SCBI introduction


“Ours is a city made from productive neighborhoods at a human scale, in which the people can work & live in equal comfort, generating a greener urban landscape, energetic self-sufficiency and social cohesion”, Trias continued. “A city that wants to become a paradigm of a new productive model based on technology, innovation and advanced services, and that invests in new strategic sectors of the future, such as mobile communications, Smart urbanism, electric vehicles, biomedicine, agrofoods and sailing”.

Trias highlighted the relevance that Barcelona has acquired in the Smart scene. “[Barcelona] is becoming a worldwide renown Smart City: it currently ranks in fourth place in a European perspective, and tenth in the entire world, according to the experts. It has been given the title of firt European Capital of Innovation, and it is part of the highest order group for Smart Cities of the European Union”, he reminded. “Furthermore, it is the world capital of mobile communications. In a few days, we will host the Mobile World Congress, the city´s most important fair that keeps on growing”.

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