'Set-jetting', AI-based recommendations and hyperpersonalization define how travellers choose their trips

'Set-jetting', AI-based recommendations and hyperpersonalization define how travellers choose their trips

TIS2023 brings together world-renowned experts to explore marketing strategies for more experiential tourism and the impact of film on destinations

Attracting and retaining travellers has become a critical task, and traditional marketing strategies are no longer sufficient. Increasing digitalization and personalization of services are setting the tone for the future of a fast-evolving industry. Data collected by Northstar suggests that by 2023, 40% of travellers who use technology to plan their trips will use automated suggestions based on their data to choose their destinations.

Faced with this reality, the new edition of TIS - Tourism Innovation Summit 2023, to be held in Seville, Spain, from 18 to 20 October, will feature a special agenda of content for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), in which renowned tourism marketing experts will offer a clear vision on the use of technology, the advance of hyper-personalization and new strategies for reaching different types of customers.

José Luis Avila, CCO of Kampaoh, Markus Mueller, Managing Director of GauVendi, and Saverio Francesco Bertolucci, Commercial Assistant of VDB Luxury Properties, will analyze the different data-driven strategies that allow the optimization of personalization processes and how they can improve the guest experience. To measure the scope of artificial intelligence in marketing strategies, Christo

Kaftandjiev Nikolov, PhD from the University of Sofia, will present successful use cases that demonstrate the impact of this technology in the industry. This is particularly relevant considering that, according to data from Amadeus and Northstar, more than 70% of travellers would trust recommendations, whether for accommodation, transportation or events, if they were made using artificial intelligence.

Experience tourism takes off

For today's travellers, choosing a destination is not enough; getting there must have a purpose. Booking's 2023 data shows that 88% of the world's trips this year will be romantic getaways, while 80% will be planned with a community purpose and 73% will seek experiences outside their comfort zone.

This is an example of the strength that experiential tourism is gaining in the world. Sara Sánchez, CEO of Rusticae, and Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group, will discuss the trends and experiences that will dominate, together with Bruno Hallé, Co-Director of Hospitality Spain at Cushman & Wakefield.

Another key point to understanding the future of tourism marketing is the growing popularity of "set-jetting" or the influence of series and movies in travellers' decision-making. To this end, at the Tourism Innovation Global Summit, Olivia Fernández, Founder and CEO of Olivia: Beyond the Talent and former Head of Film Advertising at Netflix, together with Lisardo Morán, Managing Director of the Public Company ofTourism and Sport of Andalusia, and Marina Padró, Producer of Rodar y Rodar, will invite tourism companies to take advantage of the momentum generated by the filming of series and movies in their destinations.

Just as cinematic landscapes influence travellers' decisions, so do the impulses they receive from different screens and devices. To showcase the industry's best practices in terms of usability and interaction on different platforms, Jordan Kentris, creative director of A Good Day, will offer a conference focused on the keys to creating differentiated strategies that vary depending on the device, whether mobile, tablet, or computer, among others.

In addition, Miguel Flecha and Dan Ciocoiu-Muntiu from Accenture will join ArialdoPiatti from Amadeus to discuss the new advertising trends shaping the travel industry.They will discuss how inspiration is becoming the key to reaching new audiences andhow travel discovery is shaping new advertising models that will change the way we engage with customers.

To complete the agenda for CMOs and CSOs, TIS will host the Sergestur Awards, recognizing the 40 most outstanding technology companies in the tourism sector in Spain.

A scenario designed for innovation

The new edition of TIS will feature a diverse exhibition space where more than 200 companies will present their latest developments in tourism products and services based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, ChatGPT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics, Marketing Automation, AdTech, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Contactless Technology and Predictive Analytics, among others, to boost the competitiveness of tourism companies and destinations. These include companies such as Accenture, Amadeus, City SightseeingWorldwide, Eurecat, Google Cloud, Mabrian, Telefónica Tech, CaixaBank, Convertix,PastView, T-Systems, Turijobs, UnBlock and Why Tenerife.


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