Video analytics make our life safe and comfortable

Video analytics make our life safe and comfortable

"Smart City" is not only technological but also environmentally friendly. This implies a reduction in the number of private cars, which today deal a significant blow to the atmosphere and clutter up public space

It’s high time to actively use video data for improving the quality of life in cities, ensuring safety, the efficient operation of infrastructure, and significant public places for residents. Surveillance cameras are installed in all important places so that video monitoring service operators can constantly monitor all areas in search of events that may indicate a potentially dangerous situation requiring intervention. No matter how good video surveillance systems are, human operators are the weak link in the system. The problem is that people can't watch multiple screens all the time without losing focus or getting tired, which ends up missing important events and wasting a lot of time. This is especially important for public places with a large crowds of people, active traffic, etc. There are hundreds of cameras in these places, so video surveillance without AI is not advisable.

The introduction of AI-powered video analytics allows you to monitor what is happening 24/7, automatically detecting threats, filtering false alarms, analyzing the right situations, and notifying operators of real dangers for action.

Artificial intelligence (AI) -based solutions for situation detection work equally well day and night, identify objects at considerable distances and movement speeds, process many video streams in a fraction of a second, and implement advanced real-time analytics. This helps not only to identify incidents but also provides accurate real-time video data for quick decision-making, greatly reducing response time and reducing labor costs.

Software using the latest generation technologies developed by the Ukrainian IT company IncoreSoft ( serves to increase the level of situational awareness and automate response in case of scenarios with significant consequences. Their AI-based solution, VEZHA ensures the safety of people and facilities, solves most of the security problems, and efficient operation of city services, retail, critical infrastructure facilities, industrial facilities, and public events.

Face recognition, object detection and tracking, perimeter intrusion detection, smart parking, license plate recognition, types, color, and brand of cars, event investigation, fire and smoking in prohibited places identification - this is an incomplete list of company solutions. Video data analysis based on neural networks and mathematical analysis offers solutions to problems such as crime, congestion, and pollution; detects anomalies, and non-standard behavior, helps to regulate traffic, detects and tracks the movement of objects, identify firearms, etc. Real-time automatic detection of a fight, armed attack, vandalism, intrusion into restricted areas, falling people, detection of intruders, and search for lost children are possible. This makes it possible to provide data for preventive measures and prompt resolution of current situations.

Video analytics provide automatic recognition of traffic accidents and fixation of their causes. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to determine the most dangerous areas and think over ways to ensure safety in them.

"Smart City" is not only technological but also environmentally friendly. This implies a reduction in the number of private cars, which today deal a significant blow to the atmosphere and clutter up public space. It is necessary to transfer people to public transport and unload the roads, the use of which will be comfortable, and punctual.

And this is also a matter of regular data collection, and video analytics is indispensable in planning routes and intervals between them in accordance with traffic at a specific time, as well as in determining and offering free parking spaces.

The introduction of video data analytics reduces the cost of household waste collection by an average of 40% through integration with third-party services, allowing the automatic creation of optimal routes for cars while solving the problem of reducing harmful emissions.


Olena Obukhova
Olena Obukhova

Olena is Ph.D. Computer Vision expert, experienced entrepreneur, and mentor. Your project implementation is related to various areas of artificial intelligence, especially computer vision. Business leader, and consultant, who delivers revenue and operational success by implementing transformative business processes. Experienced in the development and implementation of BD analytics solutions for critical infrastructure facilities, in the field of corporate strategy, digitalization, and its implementation, and working with AI-based IT solutions and creating opportunities for their implementation.



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