7th Annual Smart 50 Awards

7th Annual Smart 50 Awards

Honoring the most transformative Smart projects each year

Smart 50 Awards - in partnership with Smart Cities Connect and Smart Cities Connect Foundation - annually recognize global smart cities projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work. This year, we will designate three winners from the overall awardee pool.

Who Should Apply:

Strong applicants will represent innovative projects with current or future municipal-scale impact and application. Applications should clarify their connection with a municipal or municipal-similar partner, such as a county, region, campus, military base, or facility complex.

2023 Smart 50 Award Recipients:

  1. Boost Fredericton Civic Innovation Lab, Fredericton, Canada
  2. The Most Visible Planning Proposal In The History of City Planning, New York, NY
  3. ARTour AR Public Art Walk, Cupertino, CA
  4. City-Wide Fiber Project Benefitting Home, Business, Residents, Springboro, OH
  5. Morrisville Connect, Morrisville, NC
  6. The Water Quality Sensor (System of Waterkeeper) Assists Industries Manage Their Influent Water, Taichung, Taiwan
  7. The Governance of Air Quality In Taoyuan Industrial Parks By IoT Air Quality Platform, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  8. New York's Digital Transit Infrastructure: Data-Driven Congestion, Emissions, and Safety, New York City, NY
  9. Autonomous Drone Delivery, Frisco, TX
  10. Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Alerts Pilot, Stafford, VA
  11. Growing Together, Kitchener, Canada
  12. cosma21: Urban Data Platform, Frankfurt, Germany
  13. Document The Floods, Broward County, FL
  14. DataFleet, Oberhausen, Germany
  15. ParkMobile Parking Data-As-A-Service Pillot, Chattanooga, TN
  16. Arlington RAPID, Arlington, TX
  17. Coral Gables Smart City Digital Twin Horizontal Integration Platform, Coral Gables, FL
  18. Red Cloud Neighborhood Smart Cities Pilot, Dallas, TX
  19. Downtown Vegas Alliance Down To Play Campaign, Las Vegas, NV
  20. CiviForm: A Simpler Way To Access and Administer Government Benefits, Seattle and Bloomington, WA
  21. Connected Parks Initiative, Morrisville, NC
  22. Taoyuan City Water Resources 3D Geographic Information Management System, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  23. Smart District Heating, Pirmasens, Germany
  24. WeRIDE Microtransit, Avondale, AZ
  25. Public Transit Planning: Switching From Reaction To Prediction With Big Data and AI, Bergen, Norway
  26. Smart Community Air Quality Monitoring Collaborative, Chattanooga, TN
  27. Deploying AI Pilot For Improved Passenger Safety, Philadelphia, PA
  28. A Living Laboratory: The Largest Smart Intersection Network In The US, Chattanooga, TN
  29. Connecting Communities: RideMICRO On-Demand, Wilmington, NC
  30. Chicago Connected Vehicle Corridor, Chicago, IL
  31. King County Metro Improves Passenger Transit With Connectpoint's Smart City, Seattle, WA
  32. Defining The Blueprint For Smart Cities In The US: Peachtree Corners, "City Street of The Future", Peachtree Corners, GA
  33. Upgrading Digital Payments Powers Digital Transformation, Grand Rapids, MI
  34. De-Risking Municipal Infrastructure Development, Park Avenue, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada
  35. Chicago Health Atlas, Chicago, IL
  36. Trust for Public Land: South Oak Cliff Renaissance Park, Dallas, TX
  37. Smart Streetlight Operations Software, Baltimore, MD
  38. Saskatoon Transit Evaluates and Implements Preteckt AI Predictive Bus Maintenance Technology, Saskatoon, Canada
  39. Disaster Response Visualization Tool, Moroyama, Japan
  40. Laval Transit Agency To Test Smart Bus Stops, Laval, Canada
  41. Innovative Asset Management Practices Using CityROVER and AI, Windsor, Canada
  42. Open Finance, Houston, TX
  43. Team Pharr.NET: Fast, Affordable FTTP Internet Services, Pharr, TX
  44. Community Engagement and Communication Project (Real-Time Interpretation), Modesto, CA
  45. CITYPARKS: Big Data + AI for Parks Visitation and Movement Patterns, Montgomery County and Prince George's County, MD
  46. myDurham 311 Smart Home Device Voice Service, Durham, Canada
  47. eBikes For EVeryone, Austin, TX
  48. Smart Lighting Helps Valencia Save Energy, Protect Nature, and Improve Liveability, Valencia , Spain
  49. Crowd Sensing For Street Parking, Shenzhen, China
  50. inCitu: Augmented-Reality-powered City Planning, Agoura Hills, CA

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