A translation case study: urban mobility in the near future

A translation case study: urban mobility in the near future

Translating final documents for EU-funded pilot projects is always exciting: you get a brief glimpse into the future

Ride-to-Autonomy is an EU-funded project that demonstrates autonomous shuttles' integration into the transport system in ten EU cities. As the project came to an end, a Lessons Learnt Guide was developed to collect the important takeaways. The experiences of the ten pilot sites can provide guidelines for other European cities too, that's why it was important to translate this document into all EU languages. Our long-term partner Rupprecht Consult is the coordinator of the project, and we were happy to complete the 23 translations.

The 30-page document includes special terminology related to urban planning and public transport. In order to guarantee success, it was crucial that the linguists we work with have significant experience in these fields and they receive the relevant background materials for their work.

Since we work on similar assignments regularly, we already have a proven team of reliable experts in every language pair. Once again, we could count on 23 professional translators to prepare the translations. These were proofread by 23 native speaker proofreaders to ensure that the text is easy to read, includes the correct terminology and have no errors. Translation and proofreading were followed by a rigorous quality check. During this process, among others, we checked the terminology again. Our Quality Assurance team always makes sure that we deliver a high-quality text, and both the content and the formatting correspond to the original file.

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