Creation of an industrial cluster is a key area of 5G development in Moscow

Creation of an industrial cluster is a key area of 5G development in Moscow

The Moscow City Innovation Agency has already selected four 5G-based solutions for pilot testing in the 5G Demo Center

Evgeny Novikov, Adviser to the Deputy Head of the IT Department of Moscow Government spoke at the "Global trends in the study and testing of 5G" expert session about the creation of an industrial cluster as the next stage of piloting fifth-generation communications in the Russian capital. He also discussed the current projects that Moscow is implementing in the field of 5G.

On March 24, a round table on global 5G trends was held online. The advantages of piloting a fifth-generation network in industrial parks and global trends in 5G testing in laboratory conditions were the main topics of the discussion. Representatives of the IT Department of Moscow Government, Moscow Agency of Innovation, Rostelecom, Kryptonite, Ericsson, MTS Tele2, and Beeline attended the event.

“The creation of pilot 5G zones in Moscow is the first step in building new generation communication networks. We actively supported all telecom operators in this work. MTS, for example, recently launched several pilot zones in Moscow. The next stage of development is the creation of 5G industrial sites. These are not yet pre-commercial networks, but already large-scale, cross-industry clusters with real industrial customers, where various business models and 5G-based digital services will develop. We are discussing the creation of such cluster in Moscow with one of the telecom operators,” Evgeny Novikov said.

Mobile operators support the idea of joint work towards the creation of unified industrial clusters.

Innovation and industrial parks/clusters (5G innovation harbor or 5G industry park) is a new format that brings together companies engaged in the development of fifth-generation communications in one space. Such sites already exist in Europe, China, and South Korea.

During the discussion, Evgeny Novikov noted that the capital is working on three conventional directions, namely, the reduction of administrative barriers for business, the creation of new growth points and conditions for business optimization, as well as care for citizens, beauty and aesthetics. Moscow is simultaneously implementing several projects for the development of fifth-generation communications. These include the expansion of 5G pilot zones and the creation of industrial clusters; development of architectural criteria for the placement of equipment and uniformity with the environment; conduction of scientific research on safety and assessment of the impact of 5G networks; reduction of regulations and automation of processes for the deployment of base stations; development of 5G digital infrastructure and 5G Demo center.

The Moscow City Innovation Agency has already selected four 5G-based solutions for pilot testing in the 5G Demo Center.  Technological solutions will be presented as part of the capital's innovation pilot testing program. These projects include an AR / MR platform to be used on construction sites, face recognition systems with built-in temperature modules, an aircraft monitoring system, and wireless laser communication devices. Pilot testing is scheduled to start in April 2021.

“Key value of the innovative solutions pilot testing program on the basis of the 5G Demo Center for the technology business lies in dialogue with a potential customer, assistance in promoting the product on the market, confirming the effectiveness and competitiveness of the solution or refining the product on request and testing it in real urban conditions. And for our partners in the 5G Demo Center, this is an opportunity to get quick access to a large pool of solutions in various industries, as well as to communicate with other organizations that have already tested these solutions on their own”, Ekaterina Brazhnikova, Deputy General Director of the Moscow Innovation Agency emphasized.

In 2020, ICT.Moscow together with the IT department of the Moscow Government released an overview of new practices for applying 5G technology in the world and an analysis of world experience in piloting solutions based on various 5G laboratory-type sites.   Key priority areas and industries for the 5G Demo Center were identified based on the findings of these research projects.

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