Smart Budapest

Smart Budapest

The smart city vision of Budapest, a roadmap to help Budapest become a smart city

In 2017, the city adopted a “Smart Budapest, the smart city vision of Budapest”, a roadmap to help Budapest become a smart city. It is not simply a singular strategic document, but rather seeks to shape urban development practice moving forward.

The smart Budapest vision takes a holistic approach and provides smart objectives and tools across areas and sectors. It tries to strike a balance between harnessing new and digital technologies, while promoting a “close to nature condition” for sustainability.

The aims of the vision’s strategic areas:

  • Budapest shall become a centre of international innovation thus a target for knowledge transfer;
  • Budapest shall protect its environment by the sustainable utilization of resources and waste generated;
  • Budapest shall establish a sustainable mobility system enhancing the liveability of the city;
  • Budapest shall become capable of responding to the environmental and technologic changes of the 21th century;
  • people in Budapest shall live in an open and cooperative society;
  • Budapest shall continue to progress based on the development of sustainable and local economy.

The General Assembly adopted the Budapest 2030 Long-term Urban Development Concept in 2013 which defines Budapest’s development priorities linked to four global objectives: Budapest shall become a strong member of the European region; a harmonious, diverse urban environment shall be created; society shall become the scene of improving living quality and harmonious coexistence, also, the value and knowledge based sustainable economy shall be strengthened. Smart Budapest Vision in intended to serve the implementation of Budapest 2030 global objectivesby using broadly defined smart practices.

A group of Budapest 2030 complex objectives focusing on the smart city approach constitute the six strategic areas of Smart Budapest Vision. The Vision establishes twelve areas of action as the means of the strategic objectives: these are the hotspots where Smart Budapest can be implemented.

According to the Long-term Urban Development Concept the interval of Smart Budapest Vision lasts until 2030. Some measures could be implemented within a short period of time by changing the approach, whereas other measures require bigger investments and more time, as well.

The point of smart city approach, however, is not the implementation of a project list, but the development of an approach based on continuous adaptation capable of responding to challenges properly as soon as possible.

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