The first edition of Smart Cities India

Smart Cities India

The Smart Cities sector is about to experience a high volume of activity in India. The Government plans on investing several billions through many of its institutions to retrofit more than 400 cities, adapting them to the Smart ideal, as well as to create 20 new Smart cities from scratch. The city of Delhi became the best stage along the last week in which to discover many of the plans, technologies and strategies to be implemented.

The venue Pragati Maidan hosted the first edition of Smart Cities India, an event organized by the company Exhibitios India Group. This event had the support of nine ministries as well as the collaboration from companies such as Hewlett Packard, Bosch, Schneider Electric, the greentech cluster GreenEvo, and the highlighted role of Sweden as a partner country.

The event lasted three days in which institutions and companies coming from sectors such as building, software development, energy, transport, water and waste management and many others were able to display their portfolio of solutions and products, as well as making new allies and contacts to boost the business potential of Smart Cities in India even further.

In our next issue of SC Actual Smart City, available in June, we will provide a full report of the event.

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