The SmartCityTech Partnership's mission to USA is over

The SmartCityTech Partnership's mission to USA is over

The mission was organised under the eT4S Project by SmartCity Tech Partnership and the partner Green Hub Denmark

Who took a part in this mission? The group included representatives of companies from Denmark, Bulgaria, Spain, etc., all of them members of the partnership and interested in a circular economy and particularly in sustainable building management, individual heat, and energy supply.

There was in the mission a participant from the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, Mr. Asen Charliyski, CFO of the Bulgarian startup Bullcharge, who represented the cluster member Virtech Ltd. All participants were happy to share that the mission has been very satisfying for them and their companies.

Below is a brief description of how the mission was carried out:

First, the group visited Circular City Week in New York. From Monday to Wednesday the participants visited several events in the context of this exhibition and heard interesting panel discussions about how Circular strategies are being applied in New York City. They also had interesting conversations in the matchmaking and networking sessions and visited interesting facilities like the Hudson Yards New York, Nordic Circular Space, the Blue City Floating Development at Port of Red Hook, and the Showcase at 345 Hudson Street.

Then, the group headed out to the city of Ithaca as one of the ecosystems which is more actively involving circular concepts in their strategies and culture. In the city, they visited an Eco-village that is working to be completely sustainable thanks to the community concept. Another visit was to the impressive Cornell University where the group had the chance to mix with people working on circular topics. The group could also have the chance to visit the interesting Cornell Lake Source Cooling system and the Heat and Power Plant.

Finally, the participants had the opportunity to meet with the Sustainability Director of Ithaca that shared with them the opportunities and challenges that a city like Ithaca needs to face. Thanks to the good organization of Thilde Møller Larsen and Nikoline Bak from the Green Hub Denmark the participants in this mission could feel the collaboration opportunities that may arise in order to foster the required Sustainability in our European cities.



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