CityShob sees opportunities for Smart and Safe City growth in Latam and beyond

CityShob sees opportunities for Smart and Safe City growth in Latam and beyond

Company aims to turn smart data into situational awareness

 Situation awareness should be the goal of city managers looking to better use the available smart data being generated throughout a municipality’s operations. If planned and managed correctly, city managers can be in the position to understand what is happening across their city at any given moment.

This is according to Avi Shoham, CEO of CityShob, an Israeli provider smart city and safe city technologies. “What was once science fiction is now a reality,” declared Shoham. Today, cities are leveraging the availability of smart data together with improvements to infrastructure and communications to better engage residents, offer innovate news services and improve security. “IoT and seemingly smart everything are making improvements to city operations and the overall quality of life for residents,” stated Shoham.

Advice for City Managers

Shoham advocates a centralized approach for city managers to use their available smart data. “The abundance of critical smart data can be overwhelming and easily go to waste if not handled properly,” explained Shoham.

He explains that the process starts with mapping out all the data sources, the necessary integrations and the tactical, operational, and strategic needs of city managers in order to create a comprehensive working environment. Shoham adds that this process requires support from all levels of a city’s leadership, although if done correctly, a city can develop full situational awareness of its operations.

“This, of course, is much easier said than done, although given the current availability of technologies and integration capabilities, situation awareness is a realistic goal and certainly achievable for almost any municipality,” he said.

Shoham also warns that cities – from small towns to large metropolises – that lack a master plan for using their smart data not only negatively impact their daily operations but can also create gaps in security.

Situational Awareness Technologies

Shoham claims that CityShob is providing situational awareness to its city management customers with the company’s C-Insight platform. He describes C-Insight as a “multi-domain, multi-agency, multi-sensor platform that integrates numerous sub-systems to provide a holistic approach to managing citywide events”.

“Our platform is rather large in size and scale,” explained Shoham. “It is comprised of servers, Big Data storage, additional databases and numerous clients installed in a single or multiple data centers.”

 He notes that CityShob mainly installs C-Insight on-premises in customer data centers because of regulatory restrictions and infrastructure considerations.

Shoham adds that in addition to integrating different sub-systems and sub-components, CityShob also provides customized artificial intelligence and business intelligence tools.

Latin American Growth

Shoham reports that CityShob has recently experienced increased traction in Latin America and other regions.

“Despite the many challenges of the past year and half plus, especially the extended travel restrictions, we are proud to say that CityShob continued to grow during the pandemic and we on-boarded new customers,” said Shoham.

One example is the State of Jalisco in western Mexico. According to Shoham, “our smart city solution is delivering comprehensive situation awareness to (the State of Jalisco) by fusing data from a wide range of sensors and subsystems deployed across the region”. The list of integrations for this project according to Shoham include cameras, sensors and systems for facial recognition, video and audio analytics, license plate recognition, gunshot detection, open-source intelligence, police dispatch and traffic incident management.

In addition to Latin America, CityShob is expanding in other regions.

“We also have started several initiatives in Southeast Asia and North America and are taking our initial steps to penetrate these markets,” said Shoham.


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