EL AL Israel Airlines chooses Minsait to boost its ticket sales during the pandemic


Technologies have become the best ally for encouraging activity in the air sector, with solutions that improve airlines’ management of their operations, provide confidence in activity at airports and make airspace safer

Minsait, an Indra company, has put its technology at the service of EL AL Israel Airlines in order to help it incentivize ticket sales in the context of COVID-19 and expedite its resumption of activity. To do so, Minsait has implemented in the airline, with which it has been working for years on other developments, its Promocodes solution, whereby EL AL can issue vouchers to manage any refunds due to potential cancellations and boost sales by means of promotional marketing campaigns.

Promocodes is a Minsait solution that can manage promotional codes and discount vouchers and integrate them into flight search engines and the subsequent booking management. These are high-value capabilities for the industry at a time when travelers need to have the confidence to be able to book and cancel their flights within the context imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and other restrictions on their movements. The system also brings benefits to customers, such as the option of launching segmented promotional code campaigns for different user profiles, customizing the promotional codes to apply discounts to flight prices and baggage and creating reimbursement vouchers for canceled flights.

With the Promocodes solution and its integration into its systems, EL AL has been able to offer its passengers a distinctive service that has helped to increase their loyalty and maintain a certain degree of profitability at a time when operations are so difficult. This tool supposed to constitutes support for activity that makes the airline’s customers more confident and enables it to maintain its ticket sales, even in the most adverse circumstances.

As Amit Sagi, digital director of El Al, explains: "We have implemented a promo code solution in order to help us promote special deals to our customers. The solution enables us maximum flexibility as we can set business rolls based on route, specific flight, date, service cabin, customer type and many more option. It also enable us to react fast to changes in the market and in demand for flights."

Following a further wave that led the country to be the first in the world to apply a second lockdown for more than four weeks in October and November, Israel has once again gotten the virus under control and activity has resumed in the different sectors. This progressive de-escalation has also been reflected in the air sector, in which operations are gradually resuming, encouraged by the sharp fall in COVID-19 infections currently occurring in the country.

“We can’t ignore the situation the sector is going through. In addition to the significant human cost, the pandemic is affecting all countries, shutting down services, paralyzing activities and, particularly in the air travel business, seriously impacting their operations”, according to Emilio Mora, Director of Travel at Minsait, who highlights the value of technology at this time as a development vector to help airlines and incentivize their operations. “Other formulas for relationships and operations have emerged, with new demands from passengers and important areas we have to safeguard when we operate, such as trust, safety and sustainability." He goes on to emphasize that "Digitalization is the key to covering all of them and evolving within the current context, which, in EL AL’s case, has been fully undertaken by the company so as to give its customers the best service, even in the worst conditions”.

Indeed, according to Ido Biger, EL AL's CIO & Chief Data Officer "as part of the flexible / rapidly changing world we're facing, our ability to adapt new capabilities and suggest new possibilities to our customers is a key success factor. The agile work of our internal people and the dedicated team of Minsait allowed us to deliver the promo code in a way that fits the new norm mentioned above".

Solutions that help airlines and airports

Minsait’s Promo Codes system is part of the Onesait Travel suite, a comprehensive range of products and services for the tourism sector which includes the adaptation of digital technologies to new business processes, focusing on customer centralization, access and interconnection of devices and the digital transformation of businesses, which have become key elements to evolve and increase competitiveness in an unfavorable context.

Thus, when it comes to the traveler or end customer, Minsait has developed a system for digital check-in, digitally manage the traveler life cycle and address a greater automation and control of the trip, which, at the same time, allows travelers to enjoy all the services in safe conditions and with efficiency and profitability capacities for the supplying companies. Its commitment to agile and disruptive digitalization that reinforces digital channels, automates operations and prioritizes the security and safety of travelers is one of the keys to revitalizing the travel and tourism sector in the post-COVID era.

Moreover, in the case of the air sector, Indra is developing cutting- edge technologies intended for airports with the purpose of facilitating the return to normality under safe conditions. That is the case of its. Passenger Flow solutions to control passenger flow at any point in the terminal by means of Big Data and AI. It is also the case of its physical security information management platform (iSIM), a tool which provides a unique vision of what is going on at every moment in the airport and facilitates the comprehensive control of all the video surveillance, access control, PA and intrusion detection systems, as well as systems for passenger temperature detection with thermographic cameras. Additionally, Aena has recently entrusted Indra with the deployment of passenger temperature control systems with thermographic cameras for 13 airports in Spain, including those that have the most air traffic and passengers.

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