Smart Travel 2020: intelligence is our destination


After the event, the contents will be posted permanently on our communication platforms for a period of 12 months

This email serves to present you the 2020 edition of the international SMART TRAVEL event. It was the first event dedicated to Smart Cities and Smart Tourism around the world involving, in its first edition in 2014, more than 60 speakers and around 900 participants over the 4 days of conferences, workshops, Hackathons and visits around the back region -os-Montes and Alto Douro.

In the following years, the event was taken over by the Municipality of Bragança as an integral part of its Smart Cities strategy. Until the sixth edition, in 2019, the event had more than 200 speakers. A large part, international speakers of recognized merit, some of the greatest scholars, experts, thinkers and creators of solutions, projects, exemplary cases of balance between different interests in the cities) and an audience exceeding 3,000 people, mostly senior executives, government officials, companies and startups, tourism agents and other professionals linked to the various sectors of public administration, but also private with a high interest in the topics. SMART TRAVEL marked the international agenda and established new frontiers for the future, namely, joining disconnected topics such as Tourism and Smart Destinations. With the situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, it was not just the events that had to adapt.

The abrupt drop in tourists and visitors has caused chaos in destinations and cities that, for decades, have been based on tourism as an economic engine. It was, moreover, one of the great problems and challenges before the pandemic that, badly or well, revisited the true essence of what can be intelligent tourism based on a strategy of valorization of natural, cultural and patrimonial resources. Thus, in 2020, Smart Travel will be an event adapted to the situation and will opt for a hybrid model with a dynamic online and physical debate space, allowing the creation of conditions for a different experience, namely using Virtual Reality and also putting it as an escape, cities and destinations from all over the world with the possibility to show their potential digitally. The event will be broadcast via streaming for 3 days on different platforms (Web, IPTV, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). After the event, the contents will be posted permanently on our communication platforms for a period of 12 months. This is the only global event that connects smart cities and smart tourism and this year, as usual, we bring in some of the most influential international experts. We sent the preliminary presentation so that you can keep up to date with this year's news.

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