Space and Underwater Tourism (SUTUS SUMMIT): NASA to present the latest developments of Artemis

Space and Underwater Tourism (SUTUS SUMMIT): NASA to present the latest developments of Artemis

Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit will be held in the city of Marbella (Spain) from 26th to 28th September

To talk about space exploration is undoubtedly to talk about NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been at the forefront of cosmic research, opening the doors to new horizons of discovery. From 26th to 28th September, SUTUS by Les Roches will become the epicentre of everything related to the space and underwater world, having the privilege of once again having the North American agency in attendance.

Sam Scimemi, Special Assistant and Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate at NASA, will be one of the distinguished speakers at this fourth edition. Scimemi has extensive experience in the sector. In particular, he has been involved in manned space flight for 35 years, participating in numerous NASA projects and applying his knowledge to the safety of manned missions.

Scimemi will give an update at SUTUS by Les Roches on the highlights of NASA's lunar Artemis programme and share "how commercial activities are an essential part of our execution, including tourism."

Breaking new ground: NASA's newest projects

Among NASA's most ambitious plans for the not-too-distant future is to land the first woman on the moon in 2025. "The Artemis programme aims to return to the moon and land the first woman in 2025. As an ultimate goal, we are building the Gateway to provide greater access to lunar servicing for both government and commercial activities, and to provide a platform for missions to Mars," says Scimemi.

NASA sees Artemis as the next milestone in its ambitious plan to establish a lasting presence both on the Moon and in orbit, with the ultimate goal of paving the way to Mars. This strategic approach lays the groundwork for private companies to play a key role in strengthening the lunar economy and, ultimately, on Mars as well.

A life dedicated to the 'cosmos

Many years immersed in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have given Sam Scimemi the opportunity to experience, first-hand, such important events as the arrival on Mars of probes and robots from agencies such as NASA, the Chinese Space Agency and the United Arab Emirates; or that of SpaceX, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, among others, to the International Space Station.

Previously, he was also ISS Director at NASA Headquarters, where he was a key advocate for commercial activities aboard the International Space Station and played a key role in shaping NASA's LEO commercial strategy. This programme is the US agency's commercial development plan for conducting commercial business on the International Space Station and aims to realise a commercial economy in low-Earth orbit.

Today he is focused on shaping NASA's Moon to Mars effort, focusing on collaboration with international partners for future Artemis lunar surface campaigns.

Scimemi took his first professional steps at Johnson Space Center as part of the Shuttle programme, and has since made his mark at four prominent NASA facilities: Ames Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center and Headquarters. His broad experience spans a wide range of areas, including human spaceflight, Earth science and space science. He has been involved in landmark programmes such as the Space Shuttle, Hubble Telescope, Space Station, SOFIA, NPP and a wide range of other fascinating projects.

SUTUS 2023 by Les Roches

All SUTUS by Les Roches conferences can be followed through its virtual platform, powered by 'The Observatory' of Medina Media Events. Attendees will be able to schedule video meetings with other participants and speakers, as well as visit exclusive online demos.

SUTUS 2023 by Les Roches, under the slogan "Beyond natural borders", is supported by the Andalusian Regional Government's Ministry of Tourism, Tourism and Planning of the Costa del Sol, Halo Space and Karlos Simón Viajes y Expediciones. 

What is SUTUS?

There is no greater luxury than truly exclusive experiences.

SUTUS is the first event that brings together the best of Space and Underwater Tourism on a global scale. As a Space and Underwater Tourism event, SUTUS breaks the constraints of natural boundaries and transcends the limits of continents. SUTUS is born with the vocation of being the first international reference from this perspective, reinforcing Spain's role as a current and future leader in the sector.

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