5 reasons to become a specialist in Big Data and Data Science

 Big Data business

Being able to adapt to the sector´s needs, becoming more efficient, achieving a better status in our company, shifting sectors or being eligible to a salary raise are some reasons to specialize in these fields, Master´s degrees, training programs and monographic courses are good options to become an expert on Big Data and Business Intelligence.

The tech sector´s boom is causing companies to develop a higher demand of professionals with knowledge of scale on systems, technologies and practices that may help in processing vast amounts of data and resources in a flexible manner. According to a study developed by Gartner, 3 out of every 4 companies are planning to invest on Big Data before 2017.
Thus, master´s degree programs and specialized courses are an ideal option to become an espert in these fields. MBIT School, the only dedicated training school on Big Data and Business Intelligence, has identified 5 key motivations that make professionals everywhere want to become experts in this disciplines.

  1. To be the first to know the trends in technology, and to be able to adapt to the sector´s needs. Shifts in technologic trends always attract those professionals with the capacity to anticipate the changes and adapt to them, as well as getting the most out of the new opportunities. 
  2. Finding tools to increase efficiency and business competitiveness. Specializing in Big Data and Business Intelligence can be a great opportunity to develop tools that can provide a deeper analysis on information and simulations, so that the new needs in one´s business can be responded quickly.
  3. Growing within the company using know-how. Completing one of these programs gives a professional the chance to prosper in his own company, thanks to the unique value of specialized training.
  4. Seeking new business opportunities and sector shifts. Nearly a third that sign up for these programs come from business areas such as marketing, sales or similar professions who are looking for a change in perspective or a radical change on professional direction. 
  5. To earn a higher salary. The monetary factor is, undoubtedly, another key reason that encourages professionals to take on new challenges. The trend is very positive within the Big Data & Business Intelligence sector, as the demand currently outweighs the supply of professionals.

“The increasing demand in training programs such as the oneswe offer at MBIT School is proof that there is an interest in adapting to upcoming changes in the tech sector, as well as the chance to renovate our skills. This brings great opportunities to all companies who are recruiting highly skilled professionals who are able to reshape the business and to match their market´s needs”, stated Daniel Parente, General Director at MBIT School.

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