Spain´s digital industry keeps growing

Digital Sector

According to the Labour Market Guide by the British multinational corporation Hays, the highest stakes lay in the positions of e-commerce manager, web analyst and social media manager

The digital sector continued growing in 2014, according to the Labour Market Guide crafted by the Hays corporation, specialized in the recruitment of qualified professionals. The report, offering a global analysis of workforce and salary tendencies in Spain, and accounted the opinion and answers of 1.500 entrepreneurs and 8.300 workers, 2.970 of which are currently unemployed.

E-commerce was the fastest growing discipline of 2014, with about 17.2 million clients by the end of the year. The number of clients continues to grow, and they are also open to new tendencies and have more experience in searching for products; these factors lead us to believe that this tendency to grow will carry out over 2015 and in the nearby future. 

E-commerce has grown at unparalleled rates 

Asides from e-commerce, the best growth forecasts are focused on the fields of Web Analysts and Social Media Manager. E-commerce has had a good run because it embraced a different philosophy: social networks can also be a means to sell, and not just to communicate. E-commerce specialists are now expected to analyze the user´s profile, and to use that information to improve the company´s status. This particular discipline is expected to grow 18%-20% over the next years.

There are other profiles demanded in relation to social networks, especially in those areas branded as ‘niches’, such as Instagram, Vine or Pinterest. This growing interest comes from the strong development of these apps in the field of mobile communications.

Regarding salaries, the trends have remained stable through 2014 with a small tendency to increase, and the perspectives are the same for the entire 2015 period.  



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