Will we bid farewell to mobile SIM cards?


Apple and Samsung have put their differences aside and have teamed up to create the eSIM, a virtual card that takes up no space at all, and that could put an end to roaming.

If everything goes according to plans, and if these two titans of the mobile industry do not revolt against each other, it is quite likely that mobile phones will soon stop needing a physical SIM card, and that we will soon be able to use virtual eSIM cards.

According to the Finantial Times, these two leaders of the electronics and mobile industries and markets have come to an agreement to put an end to SIM cards as we know them. Apple and Samsung have set their rivalry aside and have begun to work on this new technology, that will undoubtedly benefit both parts.

Here´s the fact: no matter how small it is, a SIM card takes up some space in today´s mobile devices, which are increasingly complex. This small plastic piece does give us the ability to connect to the Internet, but it also generates problems… especially when a user tries to switch to another mobile provider.Until now, it was necessary to obtain a new SIM card, and to wait for a deadline to be able to actually switch. This whole process consumes time and creates uncertainty… and it could all be avoided by using eSIM cards.


GSMA says GO

Otra pregunta que tendría una contestación afirmativa con la eSIM: desaparecería el costoso ‘roaming’ que nos clavan cuando viajamos fuera de nuestro país. El usuario podrá cambiar de operador o activar tarifas locales en el extranjero. No obstante, para que todo ello sea posible se necesita la aquiescencia de los grandes operadores agrupados en torno a GSMA, la ‘patronal’ del Mobile. Y según revela FT, sí, está de acuerdo.

eSIM cards would have another important advantage: the elevated costs of roaming would be no more. The user would be able to freely switch between providers or to activate local mobile rates when travelling abroad. However, for this to be possible, the approval of the main providers associated to the GSMA would be required. And, as Finantial Times reveals, they do agree.

Apple and Samsung could be preparing their new models right now, new cell phones that can incorporate an eSIM. No date for their release has been announced, although a recent leak points at the end of 2015 as a possible moment. When these cards reach the stores and their efficiency can be tested, we will be able to assess if the mobile industry has found a real breakthrough.

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